Will Burpees Get You In Better Shape Than Jump Rope?

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In this article I will be answering the question “will burpees get you in better shape than jump rope?”. 

Both burpees and jump rope will improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Both are high intensity exercises and will work lots of muscles at the same time.

Are burpees the better exercise for getting in great shape? This article will explore this topic in greater detail. You should find it an informative read.

Will Burpees Get You In Better Shape Than Jump Rope?

Burpees are a higher intensity exercise compared with jump rope. They engage multiple muscle groups and work the core, legs, chest and shoulders predominantly.

They will quickly elevate your heart rate and get you in great cardiovascular shape when done regularly. Jump rope will improve your balance and coordination and also get you in better condition.

Burpees are the better exercise overall when it comes to improving your strength and working the most muscle mass. They also don’t require any equipment at all which is a bonus.

Sustainability is also something to take into consideration. Burpees are a higher impact exercise – if you find that performing them every day hinders your recovery then they won’t be as sustainable as jump rope.

If you can’t commit to performing burpees regularly then jump rope would actually get you in better shape. Consistency is king when it comes to making progress with your fitness.

Burpees Are Higher Intensity

Burpees are a tougher exercise overall by virtue of being a higher intensity exercise. They engage more overall muscle mass than jump rope, you can burn lots of calories relatively quickly.

In addition, burpees help to improve your strength more than jump rope. Jump rope is a good exercise for improving coordination and can help to condition your calves and ankles.

Performing burpees regularly will get you in better shape overall as you will engage more muscle. Your body will look leaner and more defined. As burpees are higher intensity you will experience a greater after workout calorie burning effect.

Jump rope is a lower impact exercise that also improves cardiovascular conditioning. It will also help to get you leaner providing you have your nutrition on point.

Injury Risk

Something else to consider is injury risk. As jump rope is lower impact, it is a lot safer on the joints than burpees.

Some people may experience lower back pain from doing burpees regularly. This exercise is tougher on the body and less forgiving than jump rope.

Because of this injury risk burpees may halt your progress if you perform them too often. This will cause you setbacks in terms of getting in your best shape.

For this reason you should be careful how often you program burpees into your routine and track the intensity. If an exercise carries a higher injury risk, it can hinder your progress long term.

Jump Rope Has A Pure Cardiovascular Focus

Jump rope is a lower impact exercise that has a pure cardiovascular focus. You are not engaging the same amount of muscle mass as you are with burpees.

However, it does require balance and coordination. Your lower body muscles will get the bulk of the work. It is an exercise that you can do every day without experiencing any recovery issues.

I would recommend jump rope workouts where you perform multiple sets of short bouts of effort. Your cardiovascular conditioning will improve over time from consistent jump rope workouts.

Boxers use this type of training regularly and it helps them when they are fighting. Conditioning is very important in boxing in order to have staying power going into later rounds.
jump rope

Burpees Are A Popular Prison Workout

Burpees are a very popular exercise in prison among inmates. This is because you don’t need any special equipment. You can use just your bodyweight and get a good workout in that works lots of muscles.

You can improve your conditioning and lose body fat from regular burpees. Inmates have lots of time on their hands in prison so working out can be a great way to pass time and get in better shape.

Having workout partners and doing burpees together can improve accountability and make workouts more fun and enjoyable. If you ever go to prison, you should certainly incorporate burpees into your workouts!

I have discussed before how guys in jail can get so jacked.

Final Thoughts

Will burpees get you in better shape than jump rope? The truth is that the answer is more nuanced than you might think.

Overall burpees are the better exercise. They engage more muscle mass and are higher intensity than jump rope. You will burn more calories from burpees and the afterburn effect will be greater.

However, burpees also carry a greater injury risk. Anecdotally, a lot of people complain about lower back pain from doing too many burpees.

You are unlikely to experience this pain from jump rope workouts long term. Therefore, jump rope can be more sustainable and get you in better shape if you stay injury free.

However, if you can incorporate burpees into your workouts and avoid injuries, then long term burpees will get you into better overall shape.

If you have any comments on this debate please leave them below. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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