Why Do People Start Bodybuilding?

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In this article I will be answering the question “why do people start bodybuilding?”. This is an interesting question as there are many motives that people have for engaging in bodybuilding.

I will go into detail on this topic and I hope you will find my article very informative. Having a strong “why” is always important for long term success in any undertaking.

Why Do People Start Bodybuilding?

The reasons for starting bodybuilding are very varied. The most common reason people start bodybuilding is to improve their confidence and build a better body that they can be proud of.

Other reasons relate to wanting to gain more respect from others. When you have a well built and muscular body you gain more self respect and also respect from others. However, seeking external validation is never a good primary reason to do something. 

Bodybuilding can also be a means of better attracting a partner. The self confidence and respect gained can aid massively in appealing to the opposite sex. However, it doesn’t guarantee success in this area. Social skills and psychology play a big role, as well as whether or not you make any serious attempts at dating.

There are also people who start bodybuilding to improve their health issues. The people who are truly in love with bodybuilding and have a real passion for it, may have aspirations to compete in bodybuilding shows and take things further. 


Solve Emotional Problems

One motive for starting to train which is often overlooked concerns dealing with emotional problems. If you are bullied at school this can lead to a level of emotional trauma.

You could use bodybuilding as a means of becoming more physically imposing and strong to overcome this issue. In addition, it can also breed some narcissism in the process.

Very often narcissists have a me against them mentality and don’t feel like they truly fit in to society in many ways. This can also make them high achievers though as they use their achievements to fuel their narcissism and feel better about themselves. 

Holding on to a hatred of other people for how they have treated you isn’t the best. But many bodybuilders deep down who have experienced emotional trauma can relate to this.

In my case, I was bullied at school for being skinny so I used bodybuilding to solve this issue and feel a lot more powerful and dominant. As I grew bigger I stopped getting bullied and I became very narcissistic in the process.

Improve Health And Physique

A basic reason for getting involved in this is to improve your health and physique. If you are out of shape and not used to exercising regularly, bodybuilding is a fantastic way of improving your fitness.

You should incorporate both weight training and cardio into your workout routine for balance. By doing so you will reap the rewards of both forms of training – heart health benefits and a stronger body.

If you want to improve your health you should ease into your workouts slowly and then ramp things up over time. You have to ensure that you are using the correct form on exercises from the outset. This will solve many problems down the line.

Having a better physique is one of the biggest benefits of bodybuilding. This is a big motivation for many people who start lifting weights. Seeing your muscles grow bigger and stronger in front of your eyes is a great thing and is very rewarding. 

Gain Self Confidence And Respect

It should be obvious that bodybuilding can pay dividends when it comes to improving your self confidence and self respect. 

When you have a great body you will have higher confidence and more respect for yourself. In addition, others will respect you more. It takes effort and commitment over many years to build a very muscular physique with lots of thick, dense muscle.

You have to workout consistently week in and week out for many years, pay attention to your nutrition and ensure that your recovery is on point. This discipline can transfer well to other areas of life and it will make you a better person.

This is why the bodybuilding journey is incredibly rewarding, I believe that everyone should be maximising their physical potential and fitness.

However, there are some people with body dysmorphia issues from bodybuilding. In their cases they have actually lost confidence and self respect. This is down to psychological issues and comparing themselves to others.

I wrote an article here about whether bodybuilding is good for self esteem. You can read it HERE.

Attracting A Partner

Some people start working out because they want to make themselves look better so that they can attract a partner for dating.

This is very common amongst men. It goes without saying that if you have a very well built body, you will appear more attractive to many women.

However, physicality alone is not enough in this regard. You also need lots of other things like good finances, good social skills, put yourself out there, etc.

Psychology plays a much bigger role when it comes to dating than people think. If you have a negative attitude towards the opposite sex, then even if you look like the incredible hulk it can hinder you.

Starting bodybuilding to seek external validation is not a good idea in my view. I will talk about this next.

External Validation Issue

As I have already stated, you should not work out or commence any activity with the sole purpose of gaining external validation. The validation that you get from others can never truly satisfy you.

What you think of yourself and your own validation is most important. True confidence and self respect comes from internal validation. Therefore, you should seek to make progress for your own satisfaction and validation.

In doing so you will also have more chance of being happier. If you are constantly comparing yourself to others and seeking validation, you are damaging your own personal fulfillment and happiness 

Final Thoughts

Why do people start bodybuilding? By and large the motives are diverse and far reaching. Mostly it is all about improving your confidence and physique. 

Lots of other benefits of bodybuilding stem from this -attracting a partner, gaining respect from others, warding off bullies.

It is also important to note that some people actually feel more unhappy after bodybuilding for many years. This is due to psychological problems and body dysmorphia to varying degrees.

Above all, it is crucial to start bodybuilding for the right reasons. Do it for yourself first and foremost for your own self validation. This is the only validation that can truly make you content and happy.

If you liked my article and have any comments please leave them below. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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