Unlock Your Hip Flexors Rick Kaselj – Does It Work?

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In this article I will be discussing Unlock Your Hip Flexors Rick Kaselj program fully revamped for 2021. Tight hip flexors are a common problem. Many people are sitting down for hours every day which causes tight hip flexors. This can lead to a whole host of issues from poor posture and mobility to back pain to discomfort when walking, etc. Rick Kaselj’s program aims to solve this problem and give people a better quality of life. Athletes have used his program to enhance their performance as an example.

Who Is Rick Kaselj?

You may now be wondering, who is Rick? Let me tell you, Rick Kaselj is the Founder and CEO of Exercises for Injuries. He has a Masters degree in Exercise Science from the California University of Pennsylvania. He has extensive experience in helping people to recover from injuries and has a high level of understanding of how the human body works and functions. His knowledge and expertise is in high demand and this is the reason why he launched Exercises For Injuries in 2008, the international health and wellness company that helps a very high number of people around the world to stay active and recover from injuries.

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The Importance Of The Psoas

The hips play a crucial role when it comes to facilitating movement throughout the body. The Psoas in particular plays a very big role, it is attached to the lower lumbar region and runs down to the femur. When the psoas is working as it should it gives you a lot of benefits. These include the ability to train harder and heavier, drop body fat and have a higher flow of energy throughout the body. Many people however experience tightness in their psoas and therefore are unable to reap these benefits fully. A tight psoas can be caused by sitting for long periods of time.

Sitting for long periods of time is very bad for your overall mobility and increases your chances of experiencing tightness in the psoas. Sitting too much can result in your belly protruding outwards more and inhibit fat loss. Therefore it can end up making you fatter. The psoas is linked to the “fight or flight” response; when the body senses danger the psoas tightens up in response. If your psoas is constantly tight it is a signal that your body is in danger and the adrenal glands can get over stimulated. Your body then shifts to storing more fat. Therefore there are many reasons why it is important that your psoas is functioning correctly. If you have to sit for long periods during the day it is important to take breaks to walk around regularly.


The Sequential Flow Method

The method that is used in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is the sequential flow method. This method requires that you open up the hips in an ordered and methodical way. You have to release one muscle at a time and do it in the right order to get the maximum benefits and getting everything working properly throughout the hips. In the program Rick guides people on how to do all this. As a result of following the program you would be able to improve your flexibility, accelerate the healing of hip injuries and increase your strength and efficiency in general movements.

When ordering the program you will get the following:

  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD – With ten exercises to target the psoas muscle, Rick gives full explanations of how to perform each exercise with perfect form.
  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual – The manual goes into a greater level of detail about the psoas muscle and how a tight psoas can negatively affect the quality of your life. It also include full descriptions of each exercise with pictures.


Many people have tried this program by Rick Kaselj and experienced very positive results. Here are some of the testimonials:

  • Frank Daniels (Fitness and Performance Specialist) – Frank had been an athlete all his life but had endured quite a few injuries. He blew out ACL’s in both his knees and later developed an issue in his right hip. The program helped him to re-balance his pelvis and hip joint and he now feels as good as new. He is faster and stronger than before and is still competitive in sports.
  • Mark Jellison (Account Executive Procter & Gamble) – Mark was a former college basketball player who had developed lower back problems and issues with his glutes and hip flexors. After trying the program each of these issues improved a lot.
  • Chris Wilson (Critical Bench Head Strength Coach) – Chris’s goal was to deadlift 500lbs. He was suffering from tight hip flexors and after trying Rick’s program he managed to increase his deadlift by 35lbs and hit the 500lb deadlift! This is a true testament that the program can help to unlock explosiveness and power in the hips that may be lying dormant. Chris now advocates this program as a result.


To conclude, in this article I have looked at Unlock Your Hip Flexors Rick Kaselj program and examined what it offers and the testimonials. It is very true that tight hips are common in society and many people are not able to access their full potential athletically as a result. It is also true that tight hips can cause pain and discomfort and hinder your overall mobility in every day life.

This program helps to restore full function of the hips and release all the tightness with the sequential flow method. Rick is highly reputable with many years of experience in the space of healing injuries. He also has highly specialised knowledge in the field of exercise science. I believe all this makes him credible and the testimonials demonstrate the effectiveness of his method. I would recommend this program for anyone who is struggling with tight hips and wants to unlock their hips and reach their full potential. Maybe you want to add another 20-30lbs to your deadlift like Chris Wilson, this program will definitely be of great utility in achieving this objective.

If you have any questions about the program please leave me a comment below. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training. If you wish to order the program you can do so HERE.

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