The Human Trainer Review

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In this article I will be reviewing The Human Trainer. The Human Trainer is a second generation suspension gym training system that allows for an unlimited range of exercises. I will be going into more detail on The Human Trainer in my review. This is a product that I use myself once or twice a week at home in days off from the gym. It is even something you can take with you to the park as well on a sunny day for a full body outdoor workout.

What Is A Suspension Gym?

The question you may be asking yourselves right now is “what is a suspension gym?”. A suspension gym is a method of resistance that utilises your own bodyweight. It uses ropes, straps or belts and provides the user the opportunity to perform an almost unlimited range of full body movements. 

It increases functional strength and stability, as well as being an incredible workout for the core muscles. This style of training is used heavily by gymnasts and martial artists for example, as well as many professional athletes. The user is in complete control of the exercise and can make it a lot harder by adjusting their stance or hand and foot position.

Bodybuilders can benefit a lot from incorporating a bodyweight suspension gym type workout into their routines to take their core strength to another level. In addition they can benefit from an increased recruitment of lots of stabiliser muscles and a total body workout. A good example of a suspension system that is becoming more popular is TRX. An image of a TRX suspension gym system is pictured below. However, I feel that The Human Trainer is superior to TRX! More on this later.


What Is The Human Trainer?

The Human Trainer is a portable suspension bodyweight system that can be used anywhere. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The big benefit is the incredible core engagement that the system delivers as well as a great total body workout. It has a dual anchor mode, unlike the single anchor mode that the TRX offers. It can be set up in the space of a few seconds.  

My Experiences Using The Human Trainer

Again just like the resistance bands, I came across The Human Trainer at around the same time in 2020. At that time I had a little knowledge of suspension systems and I saw how The Human Trainer is an improved version of what has already been on the market for a long time. 

I decided to purchase it during the lockdown in 2020. I have used it regularly ever since, tending to use it as a total body finisher at the end of my workouts. I also do one session most weeks just using The Human Trainer to overload my core and improve strength in that area. In addition it proves a great mechanism to keep my mobility good and provide a good total body workout that compliments my bodybuilding workouts at the gym.

I found The Human Trainer to be highly effective, it made me sweat more than I have ever done before from workouts. The dual anchor system is good as it allows you more control and freedom of movement. It also helps to build up some of the small supporting muscles that even isolation type bodybuilding movements don’t hit fully. In this way, it helped me to bulletproof my body and aid in my goal of longevity in bodybuilding and fitness activities. My stability has also improved since using it, I can now do movements like bulgarian split squats in the gym with 100% stability. From a cardiovascular perspective it has been very beneficial also, helping me to increase my work capacity further in the gym. 

I would recommend it to bodybuilders on this basis, the fact that it can assist you in keeping your body healthy in the long run. It improves your stability and cardiovascular fitness as well as massively improving your core strength. Pictured below is an image of The Human Trainer.the human trainer

TRX vs The Human Trainer- Which Is Better?

Having used both the TRX and The Human Trainer, I am well placed to comment on this. There is a TRX suspension system in my gym which I sometimes use as a finisher in my workouts. However The Human Trainer is superior in my view. TRX uses a single anchor mode, which means that when you are performing exercises the straps can get in the way a lot more and rub against your body. It effectively limits you when you are performing exercises and means that you can’t use proper efficient technique. This is a big defect, with The Human Trainer the dual mode anchor allows you to have complete freedom of movement. The straps don’t get in your way annoyingly during your exercises. 

Another benefit as well is you can make micro adjustments using the cam belt to alter the position of the handles on the straps. There are various accessories that you can choose to come with The Human Trainer such as olympic rings, dual tricep ropes and more. 

The Human Trainer Essential

The Human Trainer Essential is what I ordered. I have listed below what you get when you order this version of The Human Trainer:

  • Two main straps with integrated door anchors
  • Two short versatility anchors with integrated door anchors
  • Two integrated foot cradle anchors
  • One detailed user manual
  • One mesh carry bag
  • Circuit 7 The Human Trainer DVD- 3 full body circuits, 1 stretching circuit, core and abs circuit, bonus features.

In addition the product has a 90 day money back guarantee and a 2 year replacement warranty.


To conclude, in this article I have done The Human Trainer review. I have talked about what a suspension bodyweight system is, TRX, The Human Trainer, my experiences using it and how it is superior to TRX. As someone who has been lifting weights for over 10 years I see a lot of utility in this tool to complement bodybuilding workouts, improve the stability and integrity of joints and most importantly improve core strength to a higher level. 

Cardio is something that I have been pushing more in recent years as it is very important for overall health and longevity. The Human Trainer along with regular cardio at the gym has definitely helped me in this regard to improve my cardiovascular fitness. 

If you have any questions regarding The Human Trainer, please leave me a comment below. I love to read your comments and I would be happy to help answer any questions. If you wish to order, you can do so below. As always, enjoy your training!

The Human Trainer Suspension Gym

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