The Best Hand Grippers – Complete Look

November 24, 2021 0 Comments

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As a big hand gripper enthusiast I own many different hand grippers from various companies. In a previous article I talked about the Ivanko Super Gripper. Here I am going to give you a complete look into the best hand grippers on the market. I will focus on torsion spring grippers (TSG) as well as an adjustable gripper that has a great carryover to TSG’s and is made of very high quality. Torsion spring grippers are the traditional hand grippers that are most popular. The big benefit is they are lightweight and the gold standard when it comes to improving your crushing grip. Hand grippers should be used to improve your bodybuilding efforts in the gym by making your grip stronger. High rep work with grippers done consistently can also serve to pump up the forearms and improve vascularity as well.

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Captains Of Crush

The Captains Of Crush or CoC hand grippers are the gold standard when it comes to grip strength and hand grippers. They are used in official hand gripper competitions and you can certify there as having officially closed a certain gripper under competition rules. They are available in many different difficulty levels from the CoC guide rated at 60lb all the way to CoC no. 4 rated at 365lbs. Only a tiny handful of men in the world have officially closed the no 4. 

I personally own the CoC no. 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5. I can close the CoC 2 for reps but can’t close the 2.5 yet. What I like about the CoC grippers is the really high quality of them. They have knurled aircraft grade aluminium handles and feel really comfortable in the hands. I will use these grippers forever. 


Heavy Grips Hand Grippers

The Heavy Grips hand grippers are another great set of hand grippers. I personally own the HG 250 and HG 300. I can close the HG200 and HG250 but the 300 is a monster which I won’t be able to close for a long time. They are slightly cheaper than the CoC but also are high quality. What I like is the knurling is not sharp so it is comfortable in the hands when using the gripper. I would say that the HG250 is a tiny bit harder than the CoC 2. They are very similar in terms of the force required to close. If you are looking for a lower cost alternative to the CoC then these would be the grippers for you.

God’s Of Grip Hand Grippers

The God’s Of Grip hand grippers come in a very colourful range. What I like about them as well is that the distance between the handles is slightly narrower than the CoC or HG grippers. Therefore they are easier to set and also don’t feel as heavy in the hands. If you have trouble setting grippers these could be a great solution to that problem. I personally just own the 250lb rated God’s Of Grip which is called “Hephaestus” and is red in colour. Every gripper is named after a Greek God. I would recommend these to people with smaller than average hands as they would fit in your hand better than the aforementioned grippers I have already talked about.

Powerball Metal Series

This is another very good series of hand grippers at a similar price point to the God’s Of Grip. The distance between the handles is less than the CoC’s and Heavy Grips. However the harder grippers like the Powerball 250lb one have a slightly wider distance between the handles. The Powerball 250 is very hard to close and I can’t close it yet. It is probably slightly harder than the CoC 2.5 to close. I enjoy using this series of grippers and it makes a good change of pace to the others. I use the lower level of difficulty Powerball Metal Series grippers to really pump up my forearms with high reps and work on hypertrophy. At the same time it keeps your hands strong and healthy.


Vatiz Adjustable Gripper

This gripper is a beast, plain and simple. It is the only gripper you really need as it has all the levels of difficulty encompassed in one and is superior to the Ivanko Super Gripper in terms of quality. In addition, it has a similar shape to a normal torsion spring gripper and therefore there is a high amount of carryover to the Vatiz and say the CoC. If you get stronger with this Vatiz gripper you will get stronger on all the other aforementioned grippers in this article by default. An important note to consider is this gripper is more difficult to set than the others. This could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing – the positive thing is that it will make it easier for you to set other grippers once you are able to set this one. I have put a picture above of what this gripper looks like. It is a higher price but is well worth it in my view as it is an all in one unit and better than the Ivanko. I personally have owned this gripper for a few years now and it has most definitely improved my grip strength. 


In this article I have outlined the best hand grippers on the market today based on my experiences of owning lots of hand grippers and being a grip enthusiast. If I could give a recommendation to you, I would recommend to just go with the Vatiz and a few CoC grippers as you will be getting the best of the best quality. You will also be getting a product you can use for the rest of your life moving forward. It is an investment in grip strength which will repay you in the gym, in the boardroom with a stronger handshake as well as in daily tasks. In addition, consistent use of hand grippers will result is bigger and “swoler” forearms! I can attest to this personally, having forearms that you can be proud of definitely boosts your self esteem. When I was very young I was always insecure about having small forearms, but not anymore.

If you have any questions about any of the hand grippers I have mentioned in this article then please leave me a comment below. I would be happy to help, likewise if you have other hand grippers that you use then please let me know. As always enjoy your training and be happy!

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