Sidewinder Revolution – Will It Give You Powerful Forearms?

January 3, 2022 0 Comments

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In this article I will be discussing the Sidewinder Revolution and whether it is the grip tool that will give you big and powerful forearms. I own this tool myself and I will be talking about the tool from my own experiences and sharing everything that you need to know about the Sidewinder Revolution. 

What Is The Sidewinder Revolution?

The Sidewinder Revolution is a grip tool that is similar to a wrist roller but far superior. It can be used in many different ways, there is also no momentum when using the Sidewinder so it forces you to constantly work to keep the tool rotating. It is also convenient to use and is portable, you can take it with you wherever you go. It weighs 2lbs and is 10.5 inches long.

The tool itself is constructed really well and is made with anodised aluminium, the handles are knurled and the knurling is not rough. There is a tension dial to modify the resistance, turn the dial clockwise to make the Sidewinder harder. There are so many turns that can be made so the resistances are virtually unlimited from beginner level to professional strongman level. The tool will be a big challenge for virtually everyone at the highest resistance levels.  

sidewinder revolution


How To Use The Sidewinder Revolution

The Sidewinder can be used in many different ways. You can hold it out in front of you horizontally with your arms outstretched. You can then roll the tool forward using your hands and wrists, one hand at a time. This will work your forearm flexors. I would recommend shooting for 30+ reps on all sets.

sidewinder forward

You can also hold the Sidewinder in front of you vertically, put one hand at the top and one at the bottom. Rotate both hands in opposite directions, then switch hands and repeat the same motion. This is akin to opening a jar when you are rotating one of your hands clockwise. Therefore at heavy resistances you can use this tool to ensure that you can open literally any jar, no matter how tough it is!

sidewinder position 2

The other position that can be used is the “butler grip”. This is where you hold the Sidewinder behind your back with arms straight, close to your buttocks. You then roll the Sidewinder one arm at a time behind you, this will be a great workout for the forearms and triceps. Again I like to shoot for 30+ reps on this variation.

position 3

You can also bring your entire body into the movement to work other muscles besides the forearms. For instance with the Sidewinder in front of you vertically, you can bring the tool into your body as you rotate it and then push it away from you again as you rotate it in the opposite direction.

However I am against this way of using the Sidewinder. This is because the tool should be used to build bigger and more powerful forearms. By bringing other muscles into the movement besides your forearms, you are short-changing your efforts. Seeing as we are training in the gym as well there is no need to bring other muscles into play when using the Sidewinder.



My Experiences Using The Sidewinder

So far my own experiences using the Sidewinder in my own training for forearms have been very positive. The pumps that I get from this are a lot better than any pump I have ever got before from using hand grippers or fat grips. It is akin to doing manual labour I would say, like being a mechanic. You will notice that most mechanics who have been working in that field for many years tend to have strong and powerful forearms – even if they do no other training. 

The Sidewinder can give the same benefits when used regularly every week, I personally use it twice a week, today for example I did sets of 32 reps in all variations using the Sidewinder at the “10 turns” resistance level. I then did a final burnout set with the tool in front of me at the end, I managed 52 reps to failure on the final burn out set. 

The way I would progress is to keep this same setting for the next workout but do sets of 34 instead. After completing that workout successfully I would then increase the difficulty level to 11 turns clockwise and do sets of 30. The following workout would be sets of 32 with 11 turns clockwise, and so on. This is a great way to progressively overload your training, the end result after doing this for a whole year should be an incredible increase in forearm size and strength.

I have just been using the tool for a month so far but I am very impressed with the workmanship, design and use. It is a really solid tool that will last for a very long time. For me what I like is the convenience, it is superior to wrist rollers and it allows you to train your forearms and hands in so many ways. The training is enjoyable and the pumps are insane. 

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To conclude, in this article I have reviewed the Sidewinder Revolution. I firmly believe that this is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to take their forearm training seriously and progress to the next level. You have to be consistent when using this tool just like you have to be in your workouts at the gym, a workout in all the variations should only take 15-20 minutes at most. 

My forearms were already very good from all the other grip training I do, but this tool has already benefitted me in the short time I have had it. It has given me the feeling of manual labour and made my forearms a bit more vascular. I can’t wait to see what the effects will be come this time next year!

If you have any questions about the Sidewinder Revolution please leave me your comments below. I would love to answer your questions and interact with you. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training! If you wish to purchase the tool you can do so HERE.

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