Should I Wear Wrist Wraps When Benching?

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In this article I will be answering the question “should I wear wrist wraps when benching?”. Anyone who gets up to bench pressing fairly heavy will start thinking about the utility of wrist wraps.

This article will serve to provide all the information you need to know about this topic. In the end it is up to you to decide if you want to use wrist wraps for benching.

Should I Wear Wrist Wraps When Benching?

Whether you choose to wear wrist wraps for benching will depend on many factors. If you are finding that your wrists are starting to hurt from heavy benching, it would be a great decision.

Wrist wraps will help to keep your wrists straighter and in line with the bar. This will in effect prevent power leakage on the bench and make your bench slightly stronger. 

They are not compulsory however. I have a friend that has benched 405lbs without the use of wrist wraps. It is important not to use wraps as a crutch.

You have to learn the right technique for benching and ensure that you strengthen your forearms and wrists properly.

If you are a powerlifter and want to maximise your bench press, wrist wraps are a must. All the best bench pressers in the world wax lyrical about wrist wraps and how important they are when benching super heavy.

Safer For The Wrist

First I am going to discuss wrist safety. Wearing wrist wraps when benching heavy will be safer for your wrists and reduce the chance of wrist strains or injuries.

However, there is a caveat to this. You have to be benching with the right technique. When benching you want to put the bar close to the palm of the hand and ensure that your hands and wrists are directly over the bar in line.

If the bar is resting closer to the middle of your hand and your wrists are cocked back, you are increasing the risk of suffering a wrist injury! Even if you use this same bad technique with wrist wraps it won’t solve your problem.

Therefore, people should learn how to grip the bar when benching and keep the wrists in a safe position. By doing this you can then get the most benefit out of wrist wraps when the weight gets very heavy.

Adds Weight To Your Bench

If you are a powerlifter or just someone who wants to bench press the most amount of weight they can, wrist wraps are a must!

It is no coincidence that you will see pretty much all powerlifters in competition bench using wrist wraps. You will feel a lot more stable and confident when bench pressing super heavy weights.

The wrist wraps will support your wrist and help to straighten them out slightly. This will prevent power leakages when you are performing the exercise. Consequently you will be able to bench press more weight.

I use wrist wraps in my own training on the bench press, but only use them on my top sets. When benching sub maximal weights I will not use wrist wraps. This is to ensure that I don’t become overly reliant on them and make my wrists and forearms work a bit harder.
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Strengthen The Wrists And Forearms

It must be stated that you hear people all the time complaining of wrist pain from bench pressing. You even hear this when they are using weights less than 90kg!

I believe that it is crucial to work on your forearms and wrists and make them stronger. This will not only serve to build up your forearms, it will help you to be a lot more stable when holding heavy weights on the bench.

There are various ways you can strengthen your forearms and wrists. Some of my favourite ways are using hand grippers, doing forearm band curls and using the sidewinder tool.

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Should You Wear Wrist Wraps All The Time

One thing that you must be careful of doing is becoming over reliant on wrist wraps. You should only wear them when you absolutely need to. 

Personally, I believe that you should save them for just your top weight bench press sets. For every other exercise you should avoid using them. This is to ensure that your wrists and forearms are getting in decent work and not becoming weaker.

Crutches in general are a bad thing in training. There are people that you see wearing lifting belts for 10kg dumbbell curls! Lifting belts are another tool that you should use sparingly – you should save them for heavy sets of compound exercises.

The same is true with wrist straps. If you wear straps too often, your grip will become weaker. I have preached many times on my site the importance of having strong and powerful forearms.

Strong and vascular forearms can really make you look a lot more powerful and round off your physique. When you see someone with small and weak forearms, they are not as imposing and don’t command the same level of respect.

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Final Thoughts

Should I wear wrist wraps when benching? This article has addressed this topic in detail and given you all the information you need to inform your judgement.

Overall, I would say that the most important thing is to ensure that you are bench pressing with sound technique. Make sure that your wrists are not bent back and are in line with the bar.

If you find that your wrists are hurting a little with heavier weights then definitely try wrist wraps on those sets. Make sure that you don’t become overly reliant on the wraps – save them for your top sets.

Make sure that you do adequate work to strengthen your wrists and forearms. Having stronger forearms and wrists will allow you to stabilise heavy weights on the bench a lot more easily.

Very often it is weaknesses in these areas that causes people wrist pain when they are lifting. There are no negatives when it comes to having strong forearms!

If you have any comments please leave them below. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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