Power Tower Dip Station – Good Addition To A Home Gym?

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In this article I will be reviewing the Power Tower Dip Station by Sportsroyals and whether it is a good addition to your home gym. Training from home has become a lot more common since the COVID pandemic started and it is also convenient to be able to do some workouts from home if you are unable to get to the gym. The Power Tower is a versatile piece of exercise equipment that allows the user to perform a range of exercises – pull ups, dips, push ups, leg raises, etc. The maximum weight that the apparatus can accept is 200kg. This is ample for the vast majority of people.

Who Are SportsRoyals?

Sportsroyals is a company that has designed and produced fitness equipment for 20 years. They are most well known for their Power Tower but they also sell other equipment like the vertical climber exercise machine and stair stepper for cardiovascular training. They have very good support service and are a reputable company that prides themselves on producing quality products for the end user.

Key Features Of The Power Tower

One of the key features and advantages of the Power Tower is the adjustability of the pull up bar. It can be adjusted to six different heights – ranging from 164cm to 224cm. This is one of the things that is really beneficial to people of different heights when they are performing pull ups.

 In addition the backrest can be adjusted forwards and backwards seven different levels by using the back support tube. This allows users of different builds to comfortably perform abdominal exercises in the Power Tower.

The arm support is tilted slightly 10 degrees inward which makes it superior to a flat arm support, when performing ab exercises your arms won’t slip off the pads as a result of excessive sweating. In turn this will improve the effectiveness of the leg raises. 

The frame is very solid and made of 14 gauge heavy square steel. It is built to last and will last you a lifetime. The Power Tower uses safety locknut technology to improve the sturdiness for the end user. There is minimal movement when performing dips or pull ups as an example. For even better stability the Tower has a section of steel pipe added at the four corners of the H-shape base. 

It only takes around 60-90 minutes to assemble the Power Tower, full instructions are provided but if you get stuck you can always contact the support staff.

Power Tower


Drawbacks Of The Power Tower

One of the drawbacks of the Power Tower is that there is no hammer grip for doing pull ups. Some users might want to perform pull ups with a neutral grip but they would be unable to with this apparatus. Another drawback could be that the handles that you grip onto could be too thin for some users. However this can be easily rectified by adding extra foam if you need to. 

How Does It Feel When Using It?

From the research I have done of many users that have tried the Power Tower, the overall experience has been very positive. The armrests and backrests are comfortable as they are made from PU leather. The steel pipes at the base of the tower definitely add to the overall stability and ensure that the user is safe when performing all their exercises. Safety is very important especially when you are performing pull ups and dips with extra weight. 

power tower base

What Parts Do You Get

When ordering the Power Tower you will get the following parts:

  • Left Arm Handle
  • Right Arm Handle
  • M10*55 Bolts And Nuts 4pcs
  • Left Vertical Tube
  • Right Vertical Tube
  • Bottom Support Frame
  • M10*65 Bolts And Nuts And Washers
  • Arm Pads
  • M6*50 Screws 4pcs
  • Cross Tube
  • M10*65 Screws And Nuts And Washers
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Fixed Knob 2pcs
  • M10*70 Screws 2pcs
  • M16 Knob 2pcs
  • M8*40 Screws 2pcs
  • Backed Support Frame
  • Backed Shelf
  • M6*16 Screws 4pcs

Is This Equipment A Good Addition To Your Home Gym?

You may by now be thinking – is the Power Tower a good addition to my home gym? From the research that I have done and looking at all the pros and cons I believe it is a good addition mainly down to the fact that it is good value and also very well designed and built.

The apparatus will last forever and in this respect will definitely provide great utility for a home gym. Being able to perform the wide array of exercises like push ups, pull ups, dips and leg raises is very convenient and allows you to get a good workout in from home. When you combine this apparatus with a set of heavy duty resistance bands you can have tremendous workouts from home. You can even use the Power Tower to do inverted rows for the back, pulling yourself up from the floor while gripping the dip handles. 

The only inconvenience is the fact that there are no hammer grip handles for pull ups but this is not too big a deal. If you want an extra grip challenge while using the Power Tower, you can wrap small towels around the handles to make the exercises a lot more difficult.


To conclude, I would recommend the Power Tower Dip Station for your home gym. It would be a good addition, is solid and robust and will last a lifetime. It will allow you the ability to perform compound calisthenics type exercises very conveniently and safely from home. As it is rated to a maximum capacity of 200kg, you can do those exercises weighted as well. This will provide the benefits of progressive overload training. 

When combined with other equipment in a home gym like benches, barbells and dumbbells you can have a complete workout from home.

I would love to know what you think about The Power Tower, please leave me a comment below with your thoughts. Do you already have a dip station with a pull up bar at home? If you would like to purchase this equipment to add to your home gym you can do so HERE

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