Lean Muscle Mass – Massthetic Muscle Program Review

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In this article I will be reviewing the Massthetic Muscle program for building lean muscle mass. The program is developed by Frank Rich and is designed to help people achieve the lean aesthetic physique that they desire. Frank realised the big problems with extreme bulking and cutting and found a far better way to sculpt a “massthetic physique”.

Who Is Frank Rich?

Frank Rich is a former competitive bodybuilder, fitness coach and an author. He is an expert in the field of body transformation. Throughout his 20s he struggled a lot with the extreme bulking and cutting approach which didn’t get him far. When it came time to bulk he would stuff himself with food and binge eat.

He was basically spinning his wheels for close to a decade, he actually looked better before he started bulking. After coming to this realisation he found a better approach to acquiring a lean and aesthetic physique. His Massthetic approach is that of striking a balance between muscularity, function and aesthetics.

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Problems With Bulking And Cutting

I have talked before in a previous article about the issues that arise from the extreme bulking and cutting approach that is very popular in bodybuilding.

One big issue is bulking can result in a complete loss of discipline and very bad food choices. Many people use bulking as an excuse to eat lots of fast food and gain a lot of fat. This is very detrimental as a big increase in body fat results in lower testosterone levels. In addition, through fat cell hyperplasia your body will create new fat cells, this will make life more difficult for you in the future when you want to get lean.

Instead it is far better to follow the “good enough but good enough consistently” approach rather than extreme methods. By focusing on staying lean and making slow lean gains you will be far better off and will have a much better physique.

About The Massthetic Muscle Program

The Massthetic Program focuses on three principles – intentional, integrated and intense. Intentional is all about having a why- why are you training and what is your end goal? Without a why it is difficult to stay the course and achieve your goal.

Integrated means that the Massthetic program incorporates many key principles from top coaches and experts. The main focus is on attaining a balanced “massthetic” physique that looks good and serves to boost your confidence and self esteem.

Intense illustrates that the program is not for people that want to get the results with no effort. The program is tough and demanding. It utilises supersets, drop sets and tri-sets as well as max output sets. You have to be prepared to get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

The idea of the program is to make having a lean and muscular physique part of your identity. You have to view fitness as a lifestyle and be consistent to this approach for the long haul.

The program is 12 weeks long and is split into various blocks:

  1. Initiation Cycle – Three weeks long and follows a push/pull/legs protocol. The main focus is on getting the body used to high volume training.
  2. Growth Cycle – This is the hypertrophy phase and lasts for five weeks. The focus will be on extreme high volume workouts and progressive overload.
  3. Targeted Cycle – This is a four week cycle and is designed to be where you start seeing changes in your body composition for the better. You will be doing a lot of work in shorter periods of time.


What You Get When You Order The Program

After ordering the program you will receive the following:

  • Massthetic Foundation This guide delves deep into the problem of traditional bulking and cutting and why it is detrimental. It also explains why the Massthetic approach is so effective.
  • Massthetic Nutrition And Supplementation Designed to have you ready to perform at peak levels when you need to and fuel your body optimally.
  • Massthetic Conditioning Anabolic Interval Sessions are incorporated. These are short sessions consisting of full body movements and high intensity. The idea is to turn your body into a fat burning furnace.


Here are some testimonials from customers who have bought and tried the program for themselves:

  • Alex Riley (WWE Wrestler) – “Not only did I see immediate results when it came to better mobility and less pain. I got BIGGER, LEANER, & STRONGER in the process”.
  • Steeven Lerebours – “Massthetic Muscle is hands down the best program I’ve ever completed”.
  • Michael Johnson – “Working with Frank is the single greatest benefit to the transformation that I have made in my physique over the past year and was accomplished not by some cookie cutter, LA Fitness personal trainer diet and workout program, but by a meticulous attention to detail and a deeper understanding of bodybuilding.


To conclude, in this article I have examined the Massthetic Muscle program by Frank Rich. Frank has lots of experience in the field of body transformation and has firsthand experience of what works. His program is based on solid principles and many people have experienced great transformations through following the program.

The key in my view with having success from this program is to adopt the principles as a lifestyle and maintain a lean and aesthetic physique for the long haul. That is what Frank intended when he developed this program.

I would recommend the program to people who are having trouble attaining a leaner and more aesthetic physique. You may already be very muscular but holding onto too much fat. Alternatively you could be very lean but not muscular enough. In these cases this program would be a great fit for you. It is also suitable for beginners with at least 3 months of training experience, and women. The same principles that apply to training men also apply to women.

In addition, the program is risk free. If you follow the program and don’t like it or don’t get the results that you want, simply contact Frank and he will refund you! There is absolutely no risk.

If you have any more questions please leave me a comment below.


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