Ivanko Super Gripper- Review

November 6, 2021 2 Comments

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In this article I will discuss the Ivanko Super Gripper, the benefits of it, my direct experiences from using it and training techniques that can be employed to get the most out of this grip tool. By the end you will have a thorough knowledge of the Ivanko Super Gripper and maybe you will choose to add it into your training regime!

What Is The Ivanko Super Gripper?

The Ivanko Super Gripper is an all in one hand grip strength training tool that is designed to be used to increase your grip strength. It is fully adjustable with increments ranging from 45lbs of tension all the way to a whopping 345lbs of tension. It is a beast of a grip tool that you can use for life and it will be highly unlikely that you will ever get to closing the Ivanko Super Gripper at the maximum setting of 345lbs. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your grip substantially.

Ivanko Super Gripper


What Are The Benefits Of The Ivanko Super Gripper?

The primary benefits of the Ivanko Super Gripper come as no surprise. That is to substantially increase your grip strength when used in a consistent manner with the right programming. A stronger grip will undoubtedly carry with it increased forearm size and vascularity. This is a hidden benefit that would do wonders for bodybuilders as most don’t do any direct hand gripper training. In addition the tool is cheap and undervalued on the market when compared to the value that it offers in reality.

As the Ivanko Super Gripper is a fully adjustable all in one grip device it means you don’t need to buy a whole range of individual Torsion Spring Grippers such as the Captains Of Crush or Heavy Grips. However in my case as I am a big hand gripper enthusiast I also own a range of individual hand grippers from various companies.

My Experiences Of Using The Ivanko Super Gripper

I have owned this gripper for many years and my experiences have been very positive. It does require some lifting chalk on your hands before you use it. Whilst the tool is big it is fairly easy to set it in your hands. The action of closing this gripper is smooth and you can see the veins popping out of your forearms when you are using this. If you use this tool consistently every week there is no doubt you will end up with popeye forearms that catch the eye when you are wearing sleeveless shirts. You just have to be careful of not going too heavy too often with the gripping as this could lead to tendonitis or overuse injuries. In my case I use this tool once a week consistently as I do a lot of forearm work already in the gym every week.

The picture below is of my forearm after using hand grippers consistently over time.

Training Techniques With The Ivanko Super Gripper

There are various techniques you can use when training with the Ivanko Super Gripper. The most obvious is just the standard gripper closes. Every week aim to get more reps with a certain tension and then gradually move up to the next higher tension and keep going like this. For example this week in my own training I did the 193lb setting for 8 reps. The following week I will try to get 9 reps. If I hit 9 reps then I will move up to the next higher tension of 197lbs and see how many reps i can get with this.

Another way of training is to do heavy negatives, where you pick a setting of the gripper that you can’t yet close. You use both hands to force the gripper shut on this setting and then just try to keep it closed for as long as possible. This technique should be used more sparingly. In general I would recommend doing more rep work. For more forearm vascularity for bodybuilding purposes you can work in very high rep ranges up to 20 reps to get insane forearm pumps!

How To Adjust The Ivanko Super Gripper

If you look at the picture of the Ivanko Super Gripper at the top of this article, you will see there are three springs there. Two springs would be sufficient for 99.99% of people. The basic concept of adjusting the gripper is when the spring is in the lower positions it is a lot easier to close. When the springs are positioned higher up the gripper becomes a lot harder to close. The Ivanko Super Gripper has 12 ridges on both sides where the springs sit. The table below shows all the settings on this gripper. A 3,8 spring position for example means that one spring is on the 3rd ridge from the bottom, and the second spring is in the 8th ridge from the bottom. According to the table the 3,8 position would correspond to a force in lbs to close of 137. The highest possible setting is 10,12 corresponding to 345lbs of force required to close. You wouldn’t want to shake hands with the person who can close that highest setting for reps!


In closing I hope this article has gone a long way in fully detailing the benefits of the Ivanko Super Gripper in improving your grip strength as well as adding forearm size and vascularity. Not only are grippers great for strengthening your grip, they also aid in stress relief and can be fun activities to break up the monotony of a day. Instead of watching TV or spending time scrolling through social media on days off from the gym, work on strengthening your grip. It is a lot more enjoyable especially as you start seeing progress over time. In addition a stronger grip will aid in pretty much all exercises in the gym and help you to improve your strength and size over the long haul. The hands and forearms recover very fast, this is something that can be used to our advantage by training them frequently.

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If you enjoyed this article, I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave them below. If you already use The Ivanko Super Gripper please comment below on your experiences with this tool. If you use a different hand gripper I would love to know your thoughts as well about the grip tool you have chosen. All the best.


2 thoughts on “Ivanko Super Gripper- Review”

  1. I have never heard of the Ivanko Super Gripper until I read this article. I found it to be very interesting and informative. I like that it is highly adjustable, and it seems like something that could fit my hand. That’s been a bit of a challenge with my Captains of Crush grippers. It doesn’t fit my hands very well as it’s a little big for them. The Ivanko Super Gripper looks like it would fit them better. And from your testimony they seem pretty effective!

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