Is The Prowler Better Than A Sled?

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In this article I will be answering the question “is the prowler better than a sled?”. Both the prowler and the sled are essentially sleds but the prowler offers more functionality and is more expensive.

Both are fantastic conditioning tools and provide kickass workouts. You can use them on your off days or incorporate them into your normal workouts.

Is The Prowler Better Than A Sled?

This is a subjective question and for most people they won’t notice a huge difference. However, the prowler is more expensive than a normal sled and is better overall.

You will get a much harder workout with the prowler and it allows you to push from various different angles. Anecdotally, many people prefer the prowler for overall conditioning.

For powerlifting though, the sled is arguably better. This is because it is lighter and easier to get in and out of the gym. It is also less taxing on the body compared to using the prowler. Therefore, it wouldn’t hinder the recovery of a powerlifter too much.

In terms of price, there will be some people that believe that the sled is better than the prowler because it is more affordable and you can get similar benefits. Therefore, this question is truly subjective and depends on each person’s preferences and training requirements. 


Sled Is A Lot Cheaper

The big benefit of the sled over the prowler is that it is more accessible for most people in terms of price. As a reference, you can get a basic sled for around £30. But a prowler will set you back over ten times this amount.

Therefore, many people will feel that buying a prowler is unnecessary for their strength and conditioning needs. For these people a basic sled will be more cost effective.

There is validity to this, as with all things generally you get what you pay for. Overall, a prowler is better because it allows for a much harder workout and will tax you more. However, some people may not feel that it is worth paying extra money for a perceived marginal benefit.

Most People Won’t Notice A Substantial Difference

For many people who workout and want to improve their strength and conditioning, they won’t feel a huge difference between the prowler and the sled.

Both will improve your cardiovascular fitness and are functional movements. You can also induce hypertrophy in your lower body muscles if you use a decent load when dragging the sled or pushing the prowler.

Both the sled and the prowler can be used for sprints as well and are very versatile. 

Ben Patrick’s Views On The Sled

Ben Patrick has some very interesting views regarding training with a sled. He has been doing it regularly for many years and believes that the sled is the key to unlocking performance.

He believes in doing sled dragging every day. The big benefit of the sled is that is does allow faster recovery. Ben also believes that sled training is great for knee health and longevity. 

Jim Wendler’s Views

Powerlifter and author of the 5/3/1 training programme Jim Wendler also has some interesting views on this topic.

He says that he wouldn’t personally use the prowler on grass but he would use the sled on this surface. In his own training Jim uses the prowler more often, if he only had access to a sled he would ensure he could load at least eight 45lb plates onto it.

From a powerlifting perspective Jim feels that the sled is better. This is because it doesn’t tax you as hard as the prowler does. If you are very heavy the prowler will be murder for you especially if you load up a lot of weight onto it. 

Jim uses the sled as a warmup on his lower body days. He advises people when using the sled to take deliberate steps and ensure that their hamstrings and hip flexors are being stretched.

According to Jim Wendler, the prowler can bring up your base level of aerobic fitness faster. This makes a lot of sense as the prowler is very taxing and will work your cardiovascular system incredibly effectively.

Final Thoughts

Is the prowler better than a sled? Again this question is highly subjective in nature. 

From a cost basis, the sled is cheaper and more accessible to a larger number of people. It is also a highly effective tool in conditioning your body and keeping your knees healthy.

Some will say that the sled is better for this reason. Others believe that the prowler is better and are happy to pay more as a result. The prowler will facilitate a more intense workout and it is harder to recover from.

You can also load expensive prowlers with insane amounts of weight so the loading potential is very high. 

From a powerlifter’s perspective a sled would be the better tool. This is because it is less taxing and easier to recover from. You can even incorporate some sled dragging into your main workouts.

The prowler is better suited to being used on your off days. It will also be highly effective in improving your overall cardio and keeping your heart healthy.

Ultimately, it is a subjective and personal choice whether you believe that pushing a prowler is superior to dragging a sled. 

If you have any views on this topic please share them in the comments. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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