Is My Back Pain Coach A Scam?

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In this article I will be answering the question “Is My Back Pain Coach A Scam?”. I will be looking in detail at this programme by Ian Hart “back pain relief 4 life” that is intended to relieve back pain and allow you to enjoy your life free from pain. Many bodybuilders and lifters suffer from back pain at some point in their training journeys. It is a common problem, anyone who has lifted weights for many years will tell you that suffering from a back injury or back pain at some stage is highly likely.

Who Is Ian Hart?

Ian Hart is a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He runs a personal training company with many locations in multiple states. He has suffered from back pain himself playing sports when he was younger. He then found a way of relieving his back pain and he no longer suffers from back pain anymore. He has countless case studies where he has helped people to get rid of their back pain and enjoy their lives. His programs have been featured in publications like Men’s Health Magazine, OK! Magazine, GQ, Cosmopolitan, as well as TV stations like CBS and FOX Morning Show.

Ian Hart

What Is Back Pain Relief 4 Life?

Now onto Ian Hart’s programme – Back Pain Relief 4 Life. As mentioned earlier it is a programme specifically designed to relieve your back pain in a fast and effective manner and only requires around 20 minutes to complete each session. It provides very good relief after just one session for most people. It aims to restore muscle balance and flexibility, increase blood flow and nutrients to the spine.

You don’t require any special equipment to do this program. All that you need is somewhere to lie down, a pillow to put under your head and a chair. For more comfort you can lie down on an exercise mat. This means the program can be performed pretty much anywhere. There are 8 movements that you should perform in each session. I will now go into more detail on what those movements entail.


What Are The 8 Movements?

Now I am going to breakdown the 8 movements that you would be performing if you choose to buy this program. They are as follows:

  1. Movement 1 – Intended to activate inbalanced muscles and prepare them to be relieved.
  2. Movement 2 – Gets dormant hip muscles to come back to life and continues to activate the inbalanced muscles.
  3. Movement 3 – This movement starts to release your pain and you will feel relief.
  4. Movement 4 – Floods your lower back with blood, nutrients and oxygen making you feel a lot better.
  5. Movement 5 – Decompresses the lower back, lots of tension is released.
  6. Movement 6 – Aligns the body and restores balance.
  7. Movement 7 – Finishes stabilising your back and spine.
  8. Movement 8 – To flush old blood out of your discs and bring in new blood to promote more healing and pain relief.

What Do You Get In The Program?

These are the things you can expect to get if you purchase the program:

  • The Back Pain Relief 4 Life CORE TRAINING VIDEO – This video is 28 minutes long and will outline how to perform all 8 movements.
  • Nine Video Coaching Sessions – These are designed to be targeted and provide back pain relief. These videos will give more insight into how the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program works.


Many people have tried the course and experienced very positive results. Here is some of the feedback from people who have tried this program about the impact it has had:

  • Candy (therapist) – Before trying the program she had problems with her SI joint and was suffering from a lot of pain which made it difficult for her to do her job. After the program she felt immense relief in her upper back and neck. Her SI joint pain has resolved itself as well.
  • Christy – Before the program her life was filled with episodes of injuring her lower back after strenuous activity. After the 2nd session of the program she experienced a lot of relief in her lower back. She says the program was better than the results she got from massages and chiropractors previously.
  • Jerry P – His life was pretty miserable before the program. He had sciatica and had trouble sleeping at night, he would crawl to the bathroom. He tried PT, X-rays, MRI’s, etc. After the program he is now feeling very good, he performs the exercises in the program three times a week. He is now playing tennis again.
  • Jonolyn P – She underwent back surgery five years before starting the program. The pain was less after that surgery but she always had a nagging pain in her back. After doing the program she felt immediate relief. After the second time she tried the exercises she felt a big difference. She had a prescription of steroids waiting for her at the pharmacy but after doing the program she never picked them up.
  • Ned T – After Back Pain Relief 4 Life he feels like his back is 99% pain free. His flexibility has increased and he enjoys doing the exercises in the program regularly. His posture has improved also, he recommended the program to his older brother and he has also reaped the benefits.


To conclude, I will now answer the question “is my back pain coach a scam?”. From the research I have done I would say no, the program is genuine and Ian Hart has a lot of credentials in the strength and conditioning field. The eight exercises in this program are all solid and serve an important purpose in relieving back pain and allowing people to enjoy their lives without pain. There are countless positive testimonials as well from people who have tried the program and would recommend it to others. I believe in the fitness and bodybuilding community, this program can help many people who are still suffering from some back injuries from the past.

If you have any questions about the program please leave me a comment. Have you ever experienced back pain or back injuries during the time that you have been training? As always, stay safe and enjoy your training! If you wish to purchase the program you can do so HERE.

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