Is It Worth Getting A Personal Trainer At The Gym?

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In this article I will be answering the question “is it worth getting a personal trainer at the gym?”. This is a question that many fitness enthusiasts ponder over – from beginners to those who want to take their fitness to the next level.

This article will explore this topic thoroughly and provide good insights into whether it really is worth hiring a personal trainer. 

Is It Worth Getting A Personal Trainer At The Gym?

Overall, it is worth getting a personal trainer if you are a complete novice or beginner to lifting weights. This will help you to get a basic idea of all the movements and increase your knowledge very quickly.

It could also be a good idea if you struggle for motivation and need someone to hold you accountable in reaching your fitness goals. By working with a personal trainer it will give you extra motivation – not only because you invested money, but also the personal trainer will motivate you.

For most people though, it is not worth getting a personal trainer. If you are deeply passionate about working out you can learn everything you need to know by yourself and from others for free.

We live in a world where there is a wealth of freely available information via the internet. You can learn from your own experiences and digging out the information for yourself through research.

Are You A Beginner?

Beginners can gain the most benefit from working with a personal trainer. After all, at this stage in your training you are a bit green and don’t have much knowledge or experience lifting weights.

For example, when I first started working out at 16 years old, I had no clue what I was doing in regards to training. I started out doing bicep curls, the first time I saw someone barbell squat I was in awe. 

It was from there that I learnt a lot more about lifting weights and educated myself. I learnt from my friends and other lifters, as well as seeking out knowledgeable people online to learn more.

Being a beginner in the fitness world is very daunting. By hiring a personal trainer as a beginner you can fast track the initial learning process. Just be sure that you hire the right personal trainer! 

A Lot Of Personal Trainers Don’t Walk The Walk

Sadly, a lot of personal trainers don’t really practice what they preach. There are many personal trainers who don’t even look like they have ever stepped foot in a gym!

This does not inspire much confidence. If you want to get better at anything and make progress, you have to learn from someone who walks the walk and has done it themselves.

Quite a few personal trainers are in it to just make a fast buck. These trainers don’t have much passion for working out and it is very sad to see. It is important when hiring a personal trainer to assess what real world results they have delivered for other clients.

If a personal trainer looks fit and muscular and has a track record for delivering real results for their clients, they are a good choice and worthy of consideration. 

A good example is a friend of mine called Andrei, he is extremely passionate about working out and improving physically. This comes through in everything that he does and how he approaches his work.

He also has a track record of improving the fitness of all his clients. He has a good relationship with all his clients and is a positive force in their life. This is the type of personal trainer that you want to help you – a picture of him is below.


One of the positive things about hiring a personal trainer is accountability. The sad truth about lifting weights is that many people fall off the wagon and don’t stay consistent with training.

These are the people who will often tell you that they workout “on and off”. This essentially means that they were consistent for a few months, then stopped for years!

One of the best ways to make big progress in improving your fitness and looking better, is to be consistent with your training and nutrition week in and week out for many years.

A personal trainer can help to keep you accountable and motivated to complete each workout and stay consistent with your training. Not least, because you are investing in your fitness financially. 

When money is involved people tend to have extra motivation for doing things. If you are shelling out a lot of money on a personal trainer, you don’t want this investment to go down the drain.

In addition, if you hire a personal trainer that is very passionate and knowledgeable like my friend Andrei, it will serve as an incredible source of motivation. You will be able to make a lot more progress as a beginner with the right guidance.

Final Thoughts

Is it worth getting a personal trainer at the gym? I hope you found my article very informative and useful. I am going to summarise the main points now.

Firstly, if you are a beginner it is certainly worth investing in a personal trainer. Just make sure that the trainer is passionate, walks the walk, and has a proven track record behind them.

A personal trainer can also be great to motivate you and hold you accountable in your training. It can increase the likelihood of you sticking to your training regime for the long term.

It can also be said that having other friends who are training can serve as motivation and spur you on. A personal trainer can also fit this role. 

For people who are driven and have a passion for improving themselves and learning on their own, a personal trainer isn’t necessary. It can even be more enjoyable to go through the learning process on your own.

I can honestly say that I have learnt so much over the years about fitness and I continue to learn more. I am a life long learner and also disciplined and driven. If you have similar traits you will also succeed in whatever you set your mind to! 

If you have any comments, please leave them below. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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