Is Cottage Cheese Cheaper Than Casein Protein?

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In this article I will be answering the question “is cottage cheese cheaper than casein protein?”. Cottage cheese is often viewed as a viable replacement to casein protein powder.

This is because cottage cheese is a very good source of casein protein. This article will explore whether cottage cheese would work out cheaper for your protein needs.

I will also delve deeper into both cottage cheese and casein protein powder. 

Is Cottage Cheese Cheaper Than Casein Protein?

Overall the costs of cottage cheese and casein protein powder are very similar on a per gram of protein basis. One could say they are interchangeable as a protein source in terms of price.

However, casein protein powder is pure protein and packs a higher amount of casein protein in a smaller quantity. Cottage cheese contains more carbs and is rich in other important nutrients like riboflavin, calcium and vitamin B12.

It can be argued that cottage cheese will provide more satiation than casein protein. There is a higher amount of fat as well in cottage cheese unless you opt for fat free cottage cheese.
cottage cheese

Casein Protein Powder Is More Convenient

For some people casein protein powder would be more convenient as a source of casein protein over cottage cheese.

This is because it is slightly faster to prepare a protein shake and consume. Eating a decent size portion of cottage cheese will take more time.

As many bodybuilders consume casein protein before bed, this could be an important consideration. One that could play a bigger role than price when it comes to deciding what to consume.

Casein protein is slow releasing which is why it serves as a good meal option before bed.

Previously on this site we have explored Optimum Nutrition’s gold standard casein protein.

Some People Prefer Whole Food Sources 

It should also be stated that some people prefer whole food sources to meet their protein requirements.

Many bodybuilders already consume whey protein for convenience. Therefore, consuming casein protein as well could be seen as relying too much on supplements.

For some it may be better to buy cottage cheese for their casein protein needs. At least it is a whole food source and has a lot of other important nutrients. 

I also concur with this line of thinking but appreciate that everyone is different in this regard. Some people may have no problem using both casein and whey protein powders. 

Casein Protein Powder Is Pure Protein

An important thing to note is that casein protein powder is essentially pure protein. Some casein protein powders also contain extra BCAAs for improved recovery.

This is also an added benefit. You also have to bare in mind that artificial sweeteners are used in a lot of protein powders. Artificial sweeteners are many times sweeter than sugar.

Consuming too many artificial sweeteners has been linked with diabetes and heart disease. You can also get natural flavours of casein protein that don’t contain any artificial sweeteners.

Cottage cheese contains a good amount of casein protein, but the concentration of protein is not as high as casein powder. Typically 300g of cottage cheese contains around 30g protein.

Compare this to casein powder and you will see the difference in this concentration – 30g of protein powder contains around 25g protein.

Therefore, to get in the same amount of protein you would have to consume a lot more cottage cheese.
Typically a small tub of cottage cheese is around 300g, you would need to eat the whole tub in one go to get the same amount of protein as just one big scoop of casein protein powder!

Thomas De Lauer’s Views On Cottage Cheese

Thomas De Lauer made a good video talking about cottage cheese and some of its benefits. 

In the video he mentions Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and the role this plays in fat loss. Cottage cheese is a source of CLA and therefore is useful in helping you to stave off fat gain.

CLA can also help to promote testosterone synthesis after a workout. Therefore, it is also a good option to have in your bloodstream after a tough workout.

Cottage cheese can also help to upregulate uncoupling proteins which can increase body heat. Not all cottage cheese is the same though, lower quality cottage cheese will not be as good for you as higher quality cheese.

Cottage cheese with added probiotics will help to support your body in creating more CLA. This is a very interesting finding and one that shows the benefits of consuming higher quality cottage cheese with added probiotics.

Final Thoughts

Is cottage cheese cheaper than casein protein? On a per gram of protein basis the price is very similar.

Obviously casein protein powder is a far more concentrated source of casein protein. You would have to consume an entire small tub of cottage cheese to get the same amount of protein as a scoop of casein powder.

Therefore, from a practicality standpoint some people would prefer casein protein powder as a source of casein protein. If you want to consume more whole food sources then you can opt for cottage cheese instead.

Cottage cheese has other benefits and important nutrients. Higher quality cottage cheese with added probiotics will increase CLA in the body and help to increase fat loss.

Ultimately, it is a personal decision whether you choose cottage cheese or casein protein powder for your casein protein needs. 

If you have any comments on this topic please leave them below. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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