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In this article I will be exploring a program to increase bench press max. This is the Blast Your Bench program by Lee Hayward. Lee is a well known and very reputable figure in the fitness industry having been one of the first bodybuilder’s on the internet to help people to improve their fitness.

Who Is Lee Hayward?

As I mentioned already, Lee is a very well known figure in the online bodybuilding community. He’s been online since 1999 and in that time he has helped thousands of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to achieve incredible results with their physiques.

I actually started following Lee from the beginning and have been a regular listener to his Total Fitness Bodybuilding live chat streams for many years. He is a standup guy and goes above and beyond to help people. His youtube channel and website are a testament to this with so much good content and knowledge regarding every aspect of health and fitness.

Lee started working out in 1990 from his home gym with a humble York home gym machine and a York barbell and dumbbell set – I can relate as I too started working out from home with a York barbell and dumbbell set!

His journey was not always easy as he struggled to make gains for the first few years. But after learning from local powerlifting competitors and experienced lifters in his gym he quickly started to make serious progress and never looked back. His personal best bench press is 445lbs so he is certainly someone to look up to who knows a thing or two about attaining a very strong bench press.

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Blast Your Bench Program

Now onto the program itself. The Blast Your Bench Program is a bench press program that is designed to increase your max bench by as much as 51lbs in three weeks! It is important to state that Lee doesn’t guarantee that you will gain 51lbs to your bench in this time, everyone will respond differently.

But the vast majority of people who have tried the program and operated it diligently have made substantial gains in this timeframe. The program is split into seven mini training cycles with different set and rep schemes. It is a program based on shorter and more frequent workouts. This has been proven to be a highly effective way of making fast muscle and strength gains.

In the program no stone is left unturned. Lee covers how often to train each body part for optimal results, he also talks about a key factor in your training that is of paramount importance to build lots of muscle mass. If you ignore this training factor you will never make the gains that you are looking for.

The program will also help you to become more efficient with your training. Some exercises are simply a waste of time and don’t have any utility in achieving your goals. You will learn how to optimise your training by only using exercises that will deliver you the best results.

The Blast Your Bench program comes with a simple method for determining your 1RM, this is far better than any of the calculators that you see on the internet. You will have a far better idea of where your current strength levels are based on your training.

In the program Lee discusses how to maximise your leverages when benching by improving your technique. Technique is the most critical when it comes to bench pressing. If your technique is flawed and inefficient then you will never make considerable gains in strength and you will increase the likelihood of injuries down the road.

A great thing about this program is how much value Lee provides – there are so many bonuses that you get with the program which I will talk about now.

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10 Amazing Bonuses

As the standup and genuine guy that Lee is, he offers 10 highly valuable bonuses to the program for a limited time.

These are as follows:

  1. Quick Start Guide – For people who haven’t got the time to read the entire program and want to get started as quickly as possible. People who want to skip the technicalities and get straight to the bench press program.
  2. Blast Your Squat – A three week program to blast your squat by as much as 50lbs! Follows a similar philosophy to his bench program.
  3. Blast Your Bench For Reps – Uses high rep training to improve your endurance on the bench and set PRs in higher rep ranges.
  4. 7 Week Deadlift Cycle – A longer seven week program to increase your max deadlift by as much as 50lbs!
  5. Bodybuilding Supplement Guide – Learn about the actual supplements that work and avoid all the smoke and mirrors tactics that the supplement industry uses to sell you stuff that you don’t need and doesn’t work.
  6. How To Get Six Pack Abs – Find out how to get visible 6 pack abs once and for all.
  7. Lean Mass Nutrition Guide – Like Lee always says, “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. Learn how to maximise your nutrition to make solid lean gains and improve your strength in the process.
  8. Rotator Cuff Exercise Routine – Healthy rotator cuffs are key for making long term progress on the bench press. Rotator cuff injuries are very common.
  9. Hand Gripper Training Manual – Lee walks the walk, he has increased his grip strength massively using Heavy Grips hand grippers and he shows you how you can do it too.
  10. Mass And Power Workout Program – Lee explains how to cycle your workouts to make muscle gains over longer periods of time. This is a 12 week program made up of 4 mini 3 week routines.Personally I simply cannot believe how much additional value Lee is offering and the low price for all this information combined.


Now onto some testimonials from real people who have followed Lee’s program:

  • Michael Riccio: “My original max was 275. After following the program my max went to 315 which was amazing”.
  • Rocky Bozarth: “I began my 3 week bench blasting adventure…I took my bench from 175lbs to 215lbs in 3 short weeks”.
  • Nathan Simmons: “My new max is 285. I am very happy with my results”.
  • Peter Hubbard: “I have managed to set records in three states in the bench press 165lb class master’s division”.



To conclude, in this article I have taken a close look at the Blast Your Bench program by Lee Hayward. Being very familiar with Lee as I have followed him for over 10 years now online since I was very young, I can’t recommend his products and knowledge enough.

I would go as far as to say he is one of the most knowledgable people around today in the fitness industry and the amount of value he provides to people is insane. He is not one to make a fast buck peddling stuff that doesn’t work. He is a genuine guy who provides so much and doesn’t ask for much in return. This is why I have a lot of respect for him as a man.

His Blast Your Bench program has made a massive impact to people around the world in terms of helping them make significant gains in their bench press strength in a short window of time. You have to follow the program diligently to see results and you must also follow the right bodybuilding diet as well to maximise your progress.

The bonuses he provides pack so much value it’s unreal. I would simply say that you should buy this program if you are serious about increasing your bench press and also taking advantage of the years of knowledge that Lee has in so many areas – from diet, getting six pack abs, closing heavy hand grippers, etc.

If the value he provides isn’t enough, he also gives a 100% money back guarantee on his program if you try it and are not satisfied with the results. It’s basically risk free!


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