How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat – MI40 Program Review

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Many people have wondered how to build muscle and lose fat. This article will explore the MI40 program by Ben Pakulski and how it can help you to slap on many pounds of muscle and lose fat at the same time. Ben is an IFBB pro bodybuilder and credits this program with helping him to become one of the top 15 ranked pro bodybuilders in the world!

Who Is Ben Pakulski?

Before I go on to talk about MI40 I wanted to provide some background on Ben. As mentioned already Ben is a Canadian IFBB pro bodybuilder and winner of the 2008 Mr Canada competition. He is also the CEO of Muscle Intelligence, a company whose mission statement is to empower people with the knowledge and skills to maximise peak perfomance by optimising the pillars of a lean and muscular body. 

Ben’s MI40 program is also designed to empower people with knowledge in order to build slabs of new muscle and lose fat at the same time. Below is Ben’s physique!


Common Mistakes

There are many mistakes that people make with their training that holds back their muscle growth. Ben talks about the following common mistakes:

Lifting too heavy 

Many people are of the school of thought that the heavier you lift the more muscle you can pack on. However this is not necessarily true

By focusing on lifting heavy above all else you take tension away from the targeted muscle and shift it elsewhere. Tension is key when it comes to building lots of muscle. 

Ben calls this “intent“. By intentionally putting all the focus on the muscle we are intending to train we can focus on increasing tension. By increasing tension we can increase muscle growth.

Inefficient lifting technique 

Lifting with incorrect mechanics is a big culprit for not seeing optimal muscle growth. It is important to ensure that you have the correct movement patterns programmed in. Many people need help to fix faulty lifting mechanics and re-train movement patterns. 

Have I done enough?

Not knowing if you have pushed yourself hard enough can lead to slower muscle growth. In order to elicit new growth you must pass through the “anabolic threshold”. Working up to a point of failure in a set where you push yourself 100% and another rep would not be possible ensures that you pass through this threshold. 

A solution to do this is using “Neurological Overload Sets” (NOS). This is performing four consecutive drop sets in 20% increments after your top set and performing 5-6 reps for each of these sets. 

Unable to stimulate the maximum testosterone response 

When lifting weights the endocrine system increases the production of anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. But many people are not taking advantage of this testosterone response. 

The number 40 in MI40 refers to doing the program for 40 days, with 40 seconds in a set and 40 seconds rest between sets. This number was chosen as it is the optimal way of delivering a high anabolic response.

Principles Behind MI40 Program

There are some principles that underpin Ben’s MI40 program. These are NOS and intent. I have already touched on both of those principles. But they really are key to eliciting the best muscle growth response. 

Lots of people do just one back down set after their top set and think that is enough. Likewise, too many focus on lifting the heaviest weights possible without concern for training with tension on the targeted muscles. 

It is a reason why top level bodybuilders for instance have a lot more muscle than the vast majority of strength athletes. It is because they respect this principle of intent in their training. 

What You Get

When you order Ben’s program there is lots of value that you will receive. If you were to visit Ben in Florida and have him go over all 40 workouts with you it would cost $6000 for the 6 weeks!! Therefore this program is a drop in the ocean when compared to attending Ben’s seminars or having one to one training with him. 

You will get the following when ordering Ben’s program:

  1. 40 Day Mass Intelligence Training Manual – This manual shows you how to apply intent in your training. It comes with in depth explanations of NOS. It is the same principle that Ben used to become a top level pro bodybuilder. 
  2. 40 Day Mass Consumption Nutrition Manual – This manual teaches you how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time to become really aesthetic. You will learn about Ben’s patented “Three Phase Nutrition”. 
  3. 40 Day Mass Instruction Workout Videos – Videos that help you to get coached by Ben and also see Ben coaching world class athletes like Vince Del Monte and TNA wrestler Rob Terry. You get 7 hours of coaching time with Ben in HD!
  4. 40 Day Mass Proportions Exercise Execution Guide – Get 40 of the best exercises categorised into MASS construction and MASS appeal. All 40 exercises are demonstrated with pictures to show the start and finish position of each exercise. 
  5. 40 Day Mass Prescription Printable Workout Sheets – Workout sheets that you can print out that guide you step by step through the MI40 program. 
  6. 40 Day Mass Pursuit Calendar – A calendar for you to check off each day of the program. 
  7. 40 Day Mass Supplement Stack Protocol – Get information about supplements you should take to help guide you along during the program. 
  8. Size Secrets Audio Interrogation – Ben reveals more uncommon strategies that helped him to produce the biggest gains. Lots of valuable gems and insights that will benefit your training significantly. 

Real Results

It has to be stated that this program has delivered real results for so many people across the globe. It is a tough program and therefore it must be undertaken with full commitment. But the results speak for themselves if you are willing to follow Ben’s approach and put in the work. Here are some of the before and after transformations of people who have followed the MI40 program:

MI40 results


To conclude, in this article I have examined how the MI40 program can help you to pack on lots of muscle mass and burn fat in 40 days. In my view the principles behind the program are sound and the results speak for themselves. Ben has walked the walk and utilises the same principles in his own training. These principles combined with strong nutrition and work ethic have made Ben a top level IFBB pro bodybuilder. 

Ben also has a 100% money back guarantee on his program which means there is no risk for you. If you try the program for the full 40 days and you don’t pack on more muscle mass at the end then you have the right to a full refund! This illustrates Ben’s confidence in his system. 

If you have any questions about MI40 please leave them in the comments below. 


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