How Long Does It Take To Master The Human Flag?

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In this article I will be answering the question “how long does it take to master the human flag?”. The human flag is a challenging calisthenics exercise that is great for strengthening your core.

It takes time before you can master the human flag, most people can’t do it. This article will explore how difficult the human flag is and whether it can be mastered easily.

How Long Does It Take To Master The Human Flag?

How long it takes to master the human flag will vary from person to person. Typically it will take anywhere from a month to a few months. Most people should be able to master this movement in this timeframe.

Individuals that are lacking in core strength and not as well trained may find the exercise harder. However, with dedication and the right training, the human flag can be mastered by most people within a year.

To speed up the process you can improve your core strength and overall strength by doing compound exercises in the gym. Breaking the human flag into different phases and working on each of these will also help.

Being able to control your body position is an important skill that will serve you well when attempting the human flag. Mobility work and stretching routines will help to speed up the process.

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Getting Stronger

Simply getting stronger will speed up the time that it takes to master the human flag. You should be getting stronger on calisthenics movements like pull ups, hanging leg raises and push ups.

By bringing up your base level of strength and improving core strength you will have an easier time gaining proficiency with the human flag. 

People who start from a very low base level of strength will find it harder to perform the human flag and it will typically take them a lot longer to master it. If you can do muscle ups then you are already in a very good position!

Working On The Human Flag

Specificity is always king when it comes to mastering an exercise. To get better at something you have to do more of it.

The same is true with the human flag. You need to be practicing this movement regularly and breaking the exercise down into steps. Try to master each step and then you will master the exercise as a whole.

In the case of the human flag, you need the right cues to ensure proper technique. It would help to seek advice from someone who is experienced in calisthenics that has already mastered this movement.

If you make a real effort with practicing this exercise at least a few times a week you will find that you will make faster progress in reaching proficiency.

Body Control

Having good awareness of your body position is very useful when it comes to the human flag. Advanced lifters have already developed this skill as they have a better feeling of what their bodies are doing during a lift.

This is acquired from practice, the same is true in calisthenics. Advanced calisthenics trainees already have good awareness of their bodies and are able to stay in control when performing calisthenics exercises.

To do a front lever or planche well you need to master the movement but you also need good body control and flexibility. 

Yoga can assist you as well in improving your flexibility and mobility. This can benefit you in calisthenics and also in lifting as a whole. 

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Be Patient

What will ultimately result in failure to master the human flag will be a lack of patience. Patience and consistency are key tenets that have to be observed to make a lot of progress in anything.

When it comes to calisthenics, you will have periods of frustration where you feel like you aren’t making progress. This is normal, but you shouldn’t let this discourage you.

You have to keep pushing and believe that you can master the movement. Seeking quality help will also ensure that you aren’t spinning your wheels unnecessarily.

The right guidance coupled with a strong work ethic and consistent approach will see you succeed.

Is The Human Flag Easier Than People Think?

The human flag is a challenging calisthenics move, but is it actually easier than people think?

Anecdotally, some people have experience of the human flag being quite easy to master. I also believe that bodyweight plays a big role with the human flag.

The heavier you are the more challenging the human flag will be. Lighter people should be able to master the human flag faster, all things being equal.

Following and adhering to good cues will make your life easier. For instance, when starting the human flag you should have your bottom hand supinated.

Grabbing the outer part of the bar will ensure that you are more stable in the end position and avoid your body twisting.

If you train in a positive environment with other like minded people it will also accelerate your journey with the human flag. A gymnastics gym or calisthenics gym is a good environment for this.

You can also train for the human flag in a commercial gym. It isn’t common to see people training for the human flag in commercial gyms, however I have seen some people do it!

Final Thoughts

How long does it take to master the human flag? How long is a piece of string? Ultimately, it is dependent on various factors.

What base level of strength do you have and have you already mastered other calisthenics moves? How heavy are you? How much time have you put in to this goal?

All these things will affect how long it takes you to reach mastery. I would say the majority of people should be able to perform the human flag within a year.

Many people should be able to reach proficiency within a month. 

If you have mastered the human flag, please leave a comment and share your experiences!

As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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