Grip Strength Tool – Is The Wringer Black Worth It?

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In this post I will be reviewing a grip strength tool that is designed to increase forearm size and improve grip strength. This tool is The Wringer Black. I have owned The Wringer Black for a while now and I have seen good gains in grip strength and increased vascularity from using it regularly.

What Is The Wringer Black?

The Wringer Black is a well made, heavy duty tool designed to provide a great forearm workout and delivers gains in grip strength. There is an adjustable scale on the side which can be used to adjust the difficulty. This allows you to make progress over time with small jumps. The Wringer Black has soft rubber grips which feel comfortable in the hands when using the tool. It is small in size with a length of 340mm and a weight of 1.43kg. The tool comes with full instructions, a carry case and a felt washer. The basic idea is to twist the handles in opposite directions, this will heavily work both the forearm flexors and extensors. If you don’t work a manual job it will give you the benefits of doing manual labour with your hands. A picture of The Wringer Black is shown below.

wringer black

Different Ways It Can Be Used

There are three main ways of using The Wringer Black. These are with the tool directly out in front of you (full throttle), behind your back (butler) and the “fisherman” grip. The fisherman grip is where you hold the Wringer in front of you vertically with one hand at the top and one at the bottom. It is a good idea to do all three grips in one workout. I typically use the full throttle first, the butler second and the fisherman last. This gives a tremendous and complete forearm workout. My grip has got stronger as a result of doing this routine once a week. I always do a hand gripper workout first and then I use The Wringer. But you can do a dedicated session just using The Wringer once or twice a week.

full throttle

How Many Reps Should You Do?

You may now be wondering how to structure your Wringer workouts and how many reps you should shoot for. If your aim is to build size on your forearms and strengthen your grip you should do short bursts of training using harder levels. What I usually do is go for a minute on the first set. Then I rest for 30 seconds and go for 40 seconds on the second set. I rest again for 30 secs and aim to go for 25-30 seconds on the third set. I guage when to increase the difficulty by the last set. If I feel I could have gone for a lot more than 30 seconds on the last set then the difficulty wasn’t hard enough. I would then increase the difficulty on the next workout. You will come to a point where going for 30 seconds on the last set is proving very tough. You many not even be able to do it for 30 seconds. Then you would stick with that difficulty level until you are able to hit at least 30 seconds.

In this sense training with the Wringer is much like normal progressive overload training in the gym. To see gains in size and strength you have to take a consistent and long term approach. Slowly increase resistance over the long haul. If your aim however is to increase stamina then you would need to go for more time at a lower setting. This will really pump a lot of blood into the forearms and be good for conditioning. One of the good things about forearm and grip training is that your forearms can recover from workouts relatively quickly. So you can use the Wringer more than once per week, in my case I just use it once a week as I do a lot of other training for my forearms – gym work, hand grippers, etc.

Is The Wringer Black Worth It?

You may now be wondering “is the Wringer worth it?”. From my experience the answer is yes. The Wringer provides a really tough forearm and grip workout which is unlike anything you can do at the gym with free weights. It is also different to training with hand grippers. Because of how taxing this tool is you will work your forearms with a lot of intensity. I have noticed an increase in forearm size and vascularity from using this tool. I already train my forearms a lot with Fat Gripz and hand grippers, as well as kettlebell grip training. So for this tool to be able to add extra mass onto my forearms is saying a lot. Muscle growth in general is very tough to come by once you get to a certain level in your training. If you want to provide your forearms with unique stimulation and strengthen your grip further then I would highly recommend giving The Wringer Black a try in your training. You will not be disappointed!


To conclude, in this article I have examined a grip strength tool known as The Wringer Black and reviewed it based on my own experiences of using it. The Wringer is a well made and durable tool that will last you a long time, it is relatively light weight at 1.43kg and has a multitude of difficulty levels so you can challenge your forearms and grip in a progressive overload fashion. There are various grips that you can use in your workouts and I would recommend trying them all. I have discussed how to structure your workouts depending on if your goal is to gain more strength or to simply increase your stamina and work capacity. 

If you have any further questions about The Wringer Black then please leave me a comment below. I would be happy to answer your questions. Forearm and grip training is something I am very passionate about and I feel there should be more of a focus on this in the training of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.



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