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In this article I will be addressing how to get rid shoulder pain and looking closely at the Shoulder Control program by Eric Wong and how it can help with this problem. Shoulder pain and mobility issues is very common amongst bodybuilders, especially those that bench press using the “bodybuilding” style with more elbow flare and touching higher on the chest.

Shoulder pain can hamper your quality of life a lot and cause many issues in doing day to day activities. Barbell incline bench pressing is another movement that can cause many bodybuilders shoulder issues over time. The Shoulder Control program is specially designed to improve shoulder mobility and drastically reduce pain.

Who Is Eric Wong?

Eric Wong has always enjoyed playing sports from a young age. At 14 he had a major back surgery and was in a lot of pain. It was through overcoming the pain that he developed the passion to help others overcome pain and dysfunction in their body.

He has a BSc in Kinesiology and many years of experience as a trainer working with a range of different clients. He has even coached UFC fighers and professional boxers!

He created Precision Movement to help active people overcome injuries, improve mobility and get back to doing what they love and making progress.

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What Is The Shoulder Control Program?

The Shoulder Control program is designed by Eric Wong to fix shoulder pain and dynsfunction. It restores shoulder mobility and joint integrity and requires no special equipment. The program is intended to run for 12 weeks and calls for four 20 minute sessions per week so it doesn’t take up a huge amount of time. It is sustainable to follow through with Shoulder Control.

The tenants of Wong’s program are the 4 R’s – relax, reset, restore and reprogram. There is a scientific three phase approach to this program encompassing the 4R’s which aims to help people relieve their shoulder pain and regain full mobility again.


Benefits Of Shoulder Control

There are many benefits to Eric Wong’s Shoulder Control program. I am going to outline these below:

  • Affordable – The program is very affordable for people compared to the high costs of physio treatment or medical costs. It is very good value for people who are suffering from shoulder pain that is affecting their everyday life.
  • Progressive approach – The three phase approach means that there are different blocks of time allocated to certain aspects. Soft tissue work, neuromuscular re-programming, improving mobility and function, building resistance to future injury are all covered in the various phases. No stone is left unturned.
  • Money back guarantee – There is a one year money back guarantee which means you have nothing to lose if you try the program.
  • Time efficient – Workouts don’t require much time, just 20 minutes four times a week. Eric Wong recommends doing daily 20 minute workouts though for the best results.
  • Master manual, training guides and video instruction – When you purchase the program you get a master manual outlining the science behind the methodology, training guides showing you what to do and high quality video instruction from Wong himself. You have all the tools in this program to take action on your shoulder issues and resolve them.


There are very few drawbacks overall to the Shoulder Control program. Whilst the program can be performed with minimal equipment, it does require a foam roller and massage ball for the ASMR technique. Also there is a technique that requires a resistance band. So you would need to purchase these separately. The cost for all this is minimal though so it is not a massive drawback.

Also to get the best results it is strongly recommended that you perform the workouts in the morning. If you have no time to spare at all in the morning then it could be a problem. A workaround for this that Wong suggests is do the daily routine in the morning and everything else whenever you can later in the day.


Wong’s shoulder control program has a very good track record in terms of delivering good results for people who have had shoulder pain and mobility issues. Here are some testimonials below, the best one is the first one I have listed:

  • Russell Thomas – “Eric Wong saved my life!.. I had a torn rotator cuff with a 10mm tear. The two surgeons that I saw said the only way was to have surgery and I would never lift weights properly ever again. I began working through the program and my shoulder felt better and better. I am now 51 years old and not as strong as I used to be but I’m now managing to bench press 140kg”.
  • Mikhail Balakhno – “I had an acromioclavicular ligament partial tear about 3 years ago. I’ve seen great progress from the program. Previously the overhead movements were painful, now they are not”.


To conclude, in this article I have examined closely Eric Wong’s Shoulder Control program for resolving shoulder pain and dysfunction. Overall I believe the program is a good value investment for people suffering from shoulder pain. It is far less expensive than physios and expensive medical treatment and time wise doesn’t require a huge commitment.

All you need is to commit to the program for 12 weeks to reap the rewards. Wong has a very good track record with Precision Movement and he is a well respected figure in Kinesiology having studied under Stuart McGill.

I like the three phase progressive approach of Wong’s program and the scientific principles behind the four R’s applied to the program. The video content is thorough and allows people to perfectly follow all the exercises that Wong demonstrates. There is a one year money back guarantee as well which means it is essentially risk free if you choose to purchase.

If you have any further questions please leave me a comment below. Shoulder pain is a very real problem for countless people and I believe this program is the solution that will help so many people to resolve their shoulder issues and regain their vitality again.

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