Fun Cardio – Is MoonRun The Way To Go?

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In this article I will be exploring whether MoonRun is the way to go for people looking for fun cardio training alternatives. Traditionally cardio is seen as boring and a chore. Using treadmills and ellipticals at the gym can be monotonous and cause you to stop enjoying cardio. I will be explaining what MoonRun is, how it is different from traditional forms of cardio and how it can improve your fitness levels. At the end I will give my verdict as to whether this really is the real deal for fun cardio.


What Is Moon Run?

MoonRun is a portable cardio trainer that allows you to exercise in an enjoyable way. It gives you a total body workout and uses a lot of technology to give you a better experience whilst exercising. MoonRun was designed by a physical therapist, it is easy to set up at home. You can set it up via a sturdy hinged door with a lock. 

The product is essentially elastic bands that you attach to the MoonRun bar, which you have around your waist. MoonRun also comes with an arm resistance set and a sensor pack with the free MoonRun exercise app. You can use it in real time with any Bluetooth based exercise app. 

In addition, the sensor pack lasts up to 40 hours between charges and has an internal memory of 30 offline workout hours. For charging purposes you also get a MicroUSB to USB cable. The MoonRun comes with a handy sports bag to store all the components.

The idea with the MoonRun is that you only need a small space to run. It gives the illusion that you are running freely like you would outside, however in reality you are running within a 1m diameter circle. It is also far less stressful on the joints than running outside.

Benefits Of MoonRun

Having closely analysed the product, there are many advantages of having it. I will list these below:

  • Far less stressful on the joints  While running using MoonRun, the upward pull of bands can reduce 10-15% of your bodyweight. Therefore it is much lower impact that traditional running outside. If you have a knee issue you can still use MoonRun to get the same benefits as running but without the injury risks. 
  • Incorporates strength training and cardio  The provided resistances with MoonRun allow you to perform full body band strength training movements. In this way you can benefit from both cardio and strength training with the same product.
  • Improves running technique  MoonRun forces you to land on the balls of your feet and lean forward slightly. This is the same technique that is taught by running coaches. As a result, reinforcing better technique will improve your running performance and reduce injuries. 
  • Very fun to use – MoonRun is very enjoyable to use. You can enjoy many different virtual workouts. From racing your virtual coach to the finish at various levels of difficulty, to joining different runners and events from all over the world (Zwift). You can also link it up to the Arcade Fitness application to try obstacle training. This is where you run, jump and squat to avoid different obstacles. 
  • Cardio from home with minimal space – Allows you to perform cardio from home at your convenience without the need for heavy cardio equipment that takes up a lot of space. Far safer as well than much more expensive equipment like Peloton. 


There are very few drawbacks to MoonRun. I will list the drawbacks that I have spotted from my thorough research:

  • Weight restriction – MoonRun is designed to support users up to 160kg (350lb) in bodyweight. Therefore if you are heavier than this you cannot use it. Also users over 90kg in weight should use the optional heavy elastic band package. It is an extra expense for the heavy elastic bands.
  • Can cause calf pain – For users who have never used MoonRun before, it can cause calf soreness the first few times you use it. This is because the calf muscles are heavily worked throughout the range of motion. Most people don’t hit the calves with the same intensity in other training modalities. Therefore it is recommended to stretch the calves prior to use.

The calf pain drawback isn’t so much of a big deal, as after the first few sessions your calves will adapt to the MoonRun training. 

Is MoonRun A Good Choice For Fun Cardio?

Now onto the big question – is Moonrun the way to go for fun cardio? Having looked at the benefits and negatives of the product, the answer to me is a resounding yes. What makes it fun is the fact that you can link it with different applications like Zwift and Arcade Fitness. This provides unlimited challenges, you can also race against your virtual coach at many different difficulty levels. This gives a great scope for progression and enjoyment. When we feel we are progressing we have more fun.

Whereas in the gym when using a stationary bike or elliptical, the challenges are not unlimited and you don’t get the same enjoyment. The fact that MoonRun is less stressful on the joints than running makes it even better, you can take it anywhere with you and it is ultimately very convenient. 


Here are some testimonials from users who have bought MoonRun and shared their experiences of using it:

  • Thierry Grant – “The app is well designed and they propose other cardio apps to keep your workout exciting”.
  • Chuck Hamblin – “I had an injured knee,… but this thing allows me to run and my knee continues to heal”.
  • T Lyon – “I received my MoonRun during stay-at-home restrictions and it was and still is a perfect addition to my home exercise program”.


To conclude I have analysed the MoonRun product, looked at the benefits and drawbacks, culminating in a final verdict. I believe this is a fantastic tool for fun cardio training and can be taken anywhere. When I first came across this product I was blown away by the design and the technological aspects of it. 

The fact that it is significantly less stressful on the joints and helps to reinforce proper running technique is a big bonus. The best part about MoonRun is the endless ways you can challenge yourself using it and interact virtually with others. 

If you have any questions about MoonRun please leave me a comment below. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training. If you wish to try MoonRun out for yourself you can purchase the product HERE


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