Easy Workout Routines – Met Con 6 Review

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In this article I will be examining the idea of easy workout routines and focusing on reviewing the Met Con 6 program. The Met Con 6 program is designed to help people to burn fat and build lean muscle without spending vast amounts of time exercising. Throughout this article you will gain more information about the background behind the program as well as the program itself. 

Problems With Very Heavy Training

Anyone familiar with lifting weights knows that over a long period of time it can put a lot of strain on the body. This is the reason why strongmen and powerlifters incur many injuries throughout their careers. 

When you are lifting heavy you put a lot of repetitive strain on your tendons and joints. You have to manage this inflammation and it can cause some issues in terms of mobility. 

The man behind the Met Con 6 program is Chandler Marchman. Chandler experienced these same issues himself and it was a big reason for him changing his approach and coming up with the Met Con 6 program. Chandler is a big proponent of kettlebell training and the Met Con 6 program utilises these tools heavily. 


Overtraining Issue

Another big problem is overtraining. Many people who train at the gym are simply working out too often with too much volume and intensity. They are not able to recover properly and they are shortchanging their efforts in the gym. 

People who are using anabolic steroids are better equipped to train at higher levels of frequency and volume long term. Naturals should not be emulating the exact protocols that they use!


Solution For People With Less Time – Met Con 6

Met Con 6 is a great solution for people who have less time to train and simply want an efficient and easy to follow workout routine that doesn’t take up much time. In fact the Met Con 6 program only calls for 18 minutes a week of training. Everyone has 18 minutes to spare in a week.  

Another big problem of long and gruelling workout routines is they can spike levels of the hormone cortisol. When cortisol levels are elevated it can hinder fat loss and muscle gain. In addition it can dampen your mood and even lead to depression. 

By spending less time exercising you can still get very good results and also free up more time to dedicate to other pursuits that you enjoy. 

Met Con 6 Principles

I will now discuss the principles behind the Met Con 6 program. Chandler got his inspiration from Vladislav Kraevsy. Vladislav is a Russian physician known as the founding father of Olympic weight training. His tactic was to make elite soldiers strong, agile and lethal. 

These principles are utilised in Met Con 6:

  • High Efficiency Workouts – The less is more approach has been confirmed by Scientists as being better. Problem with gruelling workouts is it exposes people to a higher risk of injury and can also spike cortisol levels. 
  • Elite Swing Training – Kettlebells are a big part of the program. Researchers discover that people who participate in swing training burned at least 20 calories a minute! 
  • Full Unit Exercises – There is a big focus on working the body as an entire unit. A lot of people who train at the gym don’t use the entire body in their exercises and only isolate a few muscle groups at a time. Met Con 6 increases functional strength. met con 6

What You Get

When ordering the program you get a tremendous amount of value:

* The most effective fat burning workouts to burn fat. 

*A step by step exercise guide to make working out very easy for you. The routine is simple and simple is always best.

*Access to beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts so you have a clear path to progression. 

*The science behind why it is so important to work the body as an entire unit.

*How men can look 20-40 years younger in a short space of time. 

*How kettlebell training can give you the best bang for your buck. 

In addition, you also get exclusive bonuses. Bonuses like “the world’s fastest fat loss diet”, “supplement guide”, “exercise video library”, “quick start guides” and “printable workout logs”. 


To conclude, in this article I have reviewed the Met Con 6 program. Overall I would say the program is worth the investment – it is low cost, value and based on sound principles. I have discussed in other articles the power of kettlebell training and also how shorter workouts can have big benefits. 

There are many people who are simply shortchanging themselves in the gym by working out for too long and too often. They are increasing the likelihood of injuries and also becoming less functional in real life. This program is all about the “less is more” approach. It is based on highly efficient workouts, swing training and full unit exercises.

By training in the Met Con approach you will burn fat and build functional strength at the same time. In addition, you will feel younger and more energetic in daily life. This is one of the big benefits of the program and is a key selling point. 

By having more time to spare each week you can dedicate more time to other worthwhile pursuits. These could include working on your own business, learning a new language or skill, reading, etc. All these activities will enrich your overall life and compliment your fitness. It is important to be well rounded in all aspects – one mistake is spending too many hours every week working out at the expense of all your other interests and commitments. This is a big mistake that many fitness enthusiasts make. 

If you have any questions about Met Con 6 please leave them in the comments. I love engaging with my readers and having great discussions about my content. 

As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!


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