Bodybuilding Fitness Training – The Big Benefits!

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In this article I am going to outline the big benefits of bodybuilding fitness training. There are countless benefits which make bodybuilding one of the best resistance training activities that you can do. It can improve the quality of your life substantially – both mentally and physically.

More Freedom Of Choice

One of the big benefits of bodybuilding is the freedom of choice that you have over various things. With other disciplines like powerlifting you are forced to bench press, deadlift and squat if you intend on being a competitive powerlifter. With bodybuilding you are not shackled to certain exercises and this can be liberating.

The main goal is to work the muscles hard with enough volume and apply progressive overload over time. You have complete freedom over exercise selection as well as the programming that you employ. You could choose to do full body workouts or you could do body part splits. 

This extra freedom also makes you enjoy bodybuilding more and you are likely to stick to it a lot longer. Therefore you will reap big rewards over a long period of time in terms of how muscular and defined your physique looks. 


Improves Your Confidence

Another big benefit of bodybuilding is the improved confidence that it gives you. When you build your physique and gain lots of muscles it will massively improve your self esteem and confidence. 

Positive self image has been shown to be one of the crucial pillars to success. If you view yourself in a negative way it will make success in any endeavour virtually impossible for you or at very best allow for only limited success. 

By building a great body that you can be proud of you will feel very good about yourself and this will carry over into other areas of your life. Even if some other areas of your life are not where you want them to be, the confidence from bodybuilding will ensure that you maintain a positive self image. From there you can then achieve success in all other endeavours a lot more easily.


Aesthetics Are Subjective

As aesthetics are subjective you also have free rein to set your own physique goals. These goals will be personal to you and no one else can influence them. 

For instance, one of your goals could be to build a thicker back and maintain your leg size. You may already have reached a very good level of leg size and just wish to maintain it long term without building more. You are then in complete control to reduce volume of training for legs and increase volume and intensity for your back training. 

The key is you have full autonomy over everything when it comes to bodybuilding. You can’t be swayed by other’s opinions as easily and therefore are more likely to “stay in your own lane” as it were and focus on your own goals and ambitions pertaining to your bodybuilding endeavours. 


Bulletproofs Your Body

Another really huge benefit for bodybuilding is that it is great for longevity and staying fit and strong in your old age. Other disciplines like strongman and powerlifting can beat the joints up a lot with the super heavy loads. Therefore the risk of injury in those sports is high.

With bodybuilding the risk of injury is a lot lower and you can bulletproof every inch of your body a lot better. Scot Mendelson who is a famous bench presser and powerlifter has been credited as saying that it was bodybuilding that kept him in one piece throughout his career. Scot actually eats like a bodybuilder and trains a lot like a bodybuilder outside of his super heavy training. 

This can also be known as “powerbuilding” where you combine elements of powerlifting and bodybuilding together. By incorporating bodybuilding movements and ways of thinking into your regiment long term you can reap these rewards. There are countless machines where you can hit all your major muscle groups from every angle you can imagine. 

Bodybuilding is instrumental for longevity and maintaining your mobility and strength well into old age. 


Size Is Easy To Maintain

It must also be said that size is fairly easy to maintain once you have built a solid foundation. With bodybuilding it takes a lot of effort and discipline for the first five to ten years. After ten years of consistent bodybuilding with progressive overload you should have built a great physique that you can be proud of with decent size.

After this point it is relatively easy to maintain this physique. You can maintain a very muscular physique with a lot less effort than it took for you to build it up. This again ties back to the point about enhanced freedom. 

It is a very similar concept with business – it takes a lot of effort at the start, but later on you can reap the rewards with less effort. This is especially true of businesses that can run through more automated processes. 


To conclude, in this article I have examined the big benefits of bodybuilding fitness training and gone into detail to explain each benefit. I believe bodybuilding is a great activity that can enhance your life in every way. 

At the same time, I do also recognise that there are people who suffer from body dysmorphia and social anxiety as a result of bodybuilding. This is largely due to insecurities that these people have and other mental issues.

By and large bodybuilding can give you a lot of freedom, it can drastically improve your self image and confidence and it can bulletproof your body. When you get into old age the bodybuilding lifestyle will ensure that you look a lot better physically than people of your same age group.

Size that you gain is also easy to maintain with less effort required for maintenance. This is after putting the hard yards in at the start of course.

If you have any comments on anything I have highlighted in this article please leave your comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts – let me know how bodybuilding has impacted your life.

As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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