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In this article I am going to be examining the best parallette bars and in particular looking very closely at the Lebert Fitness bars for push ups and dips. Parallette bars are very good for calisthenics movements like push ups, handstand push ups, dips and calisthenic holds. You can also perform advanced exercises for the core muscles. 


Who Are Lebert Fitness?

Lebert Fitness was created by Marc Lebert, a personal trainer and black belt in Taekwondo. They are a company dedicated to making it easy for people to start exercising and make it a key part of their lifestyle. They take pride in making innovative fitness products and educating people about fitness.   

Lebert Fitness

Lebert Fitness Parallette Bars

The Parallette bars that Lebert Fitness produce are designed for calisthenics exercises. They are high density and constructed from solid iron. Each of the bars weighs 5lbs and can tolerate a maximum user weight of 400lbs. The height of the bars is 12” and the length is 25”. The grip width is 13.5”.

When ordering Lebert’s Parallette bars you also get two downloadable PDF workout guides. One is a beginner guide and the other is the Back To Basics Equalizer workout guide. There are two colours of bars that you can choose from, these are yellow and black.


Comparison To Other Parallette Bars

There are quite a few Parallette bars on the market. I am going to run through some of these now. One is by Gravity Fitness, their bars are good but there have been complaints by some users that they rock a bit when balancing on them. 

Sturdiness is one of the most important factors when considering buying these bars. The ability to perform all calisthenics exercises in a stable fashion is of paramount importance. 

Komodo is another company that manufactures Parallette bars. The construction quality of their bars is very bad when compared with Lebert’s. Stability on Komodo’s bars is worse than Gravity Fitness! 

You can also get adjustable bars like those manufactured by Henchgripz. These are very good quality much like Lebert’s but some users have reported that they weren’t really easy to assemble. 

Overall Lebert Fitness Parallette’s are very good when compared with competitors in the market, their bars are high quality and many customers are very satisfied with their products.

Benefits Of Lebert Fitness Parallettes

Now I am going to list the main benefits of the Paralletes manufactured by Lebert Fitness:

  • Comes with two workout guides to give you plenty of information about different exercises you can do with it and full instructions 
  • The bars are very sturdy and robust which is crucial for calisthenics exercises. 
  • The company has fostered a supportive community environment with it’s customers and they are very active on instagram with exercise ideas to keep things fresh.
  • The yellow and black colours for the bars are very cool and visually appealing.
  • The assembly is very easy.
  • Perfect for advanced trainees as well as beginners. 
  • Very easy to move around, not too heavy considering how sturdy the bars are.


Drawbacks Of The Bars

Overall there are very few drawbacks of these Parallettes by Lebert Fitness. The only potential drawback is that they are slightly more expensive than the other parallettes on the market. However I believe that the extra expense is justified by the overall quality of the product in comparison to competitors. 

For some people the extra expense may be outside their price range. I couldn’t find any other faults with this product from my research. 

Would I Recommend?

Overall I would have to say that I do recommend the Lebert Fitness Paralletes. Their product is of very high quality when compared to competing products. Their engagement with customers is very good and I like how they have fostered a supportive community where people are encouraged to share their results with Lebert’s products. 

Lebert Fitness is very well respected in the niche that it serves within the fitness community. Their Equaliser bars were also very popular and users showed a great affinity to the product.

I like how this company puts the customer’s needs at the heart of what they do and are not just after a quick buck at the expense of the customer. I believe this is something that every company should strive to do. I stand by this company as I believe in what they do and what they are trying to achieve. They produce innovative products of very high quality and ensure that the customer is served well throughout the entire sales process. 

In the case of Lebert’s paralletes I also think they have found the right balance between sturdiness and ease of moving the bars around. What you don’t want are really sturdy bars that are a nightmare to move around. The price may be a concern for some but I believe it is justified all things considered.


To conclude, in this article I have examined the best Parallette bars and in particular the Parallette bars by Lebert Fitness. These bars are a product that I would recommend whole heartedly. Lebert don’t just make innovative products, they also educate people about fitness and have created a warm and supportive community for it’s customers to be a part of.

When compared to other competitors like Komodo and Gravity Fitness, Lebert’s bars are far superior. However, there is very little to choose from when comparing Henchgripz adjustable parallettes to Lebert’s. 

It is up to the person to make a choice as to which paralletes they choose to purchase. For some people price is the biggest concern, for other’s they will be willing to pay a bit more for a superior product and better customer experience.

If you have any questions about anything I have written in this article please let me know. What calisthenics exercises do you perform on a regular basis and what exercises are you planning to use parallettes for? I would love to interact with you and engage in long discussions.

As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!


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