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January 20, 2022 2 Comments


In this article I will be exploring the best barbell for home gym and reviewing the Wonder bar by Fringesport and evaluating how good it is for a home gym. There are so many barbells on the market at all price points so it is overwhelming for many people to know which one they should choose. This review will aim to keep things simple for you and let you know the full details of the Wonder bar and the company behind it.

Who Are Fringesport?

Fringesport is a company based in Austin, Texas that supplies garage gym equipment for people who want to be able to get a great workout at home. They have a heavily customer-centric approach which means they go above and beyond for their customers. If there is something wrong their customer service is very quick to resolve any problems and cater well to the needs of the customer. 

They are lifters themselves so they understand better the needs of their customers. They source their products worldwide but they choose US suppliers wherever they can. 


What Is The Wonder Bar?

The Wonder bar is a barbell that is designed to be used for all purposes, from olympic lifting through to powerlifting. It is built to last and is available in 20kg and 15kg variations for men and women respectively. The barbell has an all black zinc finish, a tensile strength of 205,000 PSI and a weight capacity of 1600lbs. 

The sleeves are 16 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter. You can choose from a bushing or bearing format of the bar. The bearing version is slightly more expensive but better suited to olympic lifters as you will get more spin and a smoother spin. The knurling is smooth, it isn’t too rough or too soft. The shaft diameter is 28mm. It must be noted that the bar has dual knurling with no centre knurl. 

wonder barbell


Benefits And Drawbacks

The big benefit of this bar is the lower cost relative to other barbells on the market. For a price point of under 300 dollars the Wonder bar is great value and quality. There is very little competition at this price point and it holds it’s own as a great barbell in the market as a whole. Fringesport offers a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturer defects which is a big bonus.

The black zinc finish is another benefit, it is cool and adds to the aesthetics. The knurling as well is not too rough and is just the right feeling in the hands. There is a solid whip to the bar and it is very good for deadlifting – bar is thin as well. In addition it is fantastic for movements like front squats and olympic lifting. 

For drawbacks, one could be the lack of the centre knurling. When you are going really heavy, especially on movements like squats the centre knurling can be good for additional security. In addition, many people may prefer a thicker bar for exercises like the bench press. Although this bar is a good all purpose bar that can be used for everything. Some people may prefer a rougher knurling. It all comes down to the preferences of the individual.


The overall feedback from people who have used the Wonder Bar has been incredibly positive. Fringesport is a very customer friendly company in all their practices. This is valued by their customers and they have a high retention rate as a result. Many of their customers are repeat clients. 

Here are some testimonials from people who have ordered the Wonder bar and used it in their training:

  • David – “Grooves are deep enough to provide good grip but not too deep to be uncomfortable and cut your hands like other bars”.
  • Mike – “Probably the best bar I have ever used”.
  • Ashley – “This is one of the best bars I’ve used… it’s perfect for a home gym/garage gym setting!”.
  • Joshua – “You can’t beat Fringesport’s customer service and quality promise”.
  • Thomas – “Perfect knurl, clean finish, solid build, and great spin. Makes my workouts much more enjoyable.
  • Jared – “Couldn’t be happier with this product. I use it for squats, deadlifts, bench, cleans, overhead press”.
  • Jason – “If you have a home gym this is the bar you want without breaking the bank”.
  • Jon – “Great looking and the perfect all round bar”.
  • Brian – “I love supporting a small business with superior products and even better customer service”.
  • Danny – “There isn’t a better bar for the price out there”.


To conclude, in this article I have reviewed the Wonder bar by Fringesport. The company is very reputable and treat it’s customers really well through the entire process. The Wonder bar is a versatile bar that can be used for everything, I like the black zinc finish and the fact that the bar has good good whip and spin. 

The knurling is also just right and is not too sharp. I believe there is very little competition in the market at a similar price point to the Wonder Bar. The only real drawback is the lack of a centre knurling, even then that is not terrible. 

You can choose from the bearing option or the bushing option. I personally would prefer bushing and it is cheaper also. The spin of the bar makes it great for olympic lifting and movements like front squats. In addition it is a solid deadlift bar, although some people may prefer a bar that is more rough. A texas deadlift bar for instance is the gold standard for deadlift bars. 

Overall the Wonder bar is a very good choice and one of the best barbells you can get in this price point. It will last you a long time and there is a lifetime warranty which gives you further peace of mind. I would definitely recommend this barbell for a garage gym or home gym.

If you have any questions about the Wonder bar please leave me a comment below. Let me know what setup you have currently in your home gym, I would love to interact with you in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Best Barbell For Home Gym – The Wonder Bar Review”

  1. It was great to read the good things you said about Fringe Sport. Good customer service is hard to come by these days. As I read your description of the barbells I tried to use the picture to get a good visualization of it.

    I was reading an article today that as one ages, it is important to do more exercises including lifting weights. This helps to compensate for the natural loss in body muscle. 



    1. Hi Edwin,

      Yes good customer service is paramount when buying products from any company. Fringe Sport is really great in this department. As for age related muscle mass, it is true that lifting weights as you get older consistently is the best way to slow sarcopenia an reduce muscle mass loss. 

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