Are Loop Resistance Bands Better Than Tube Bands For Lifting?

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In this article I will be answering the question “are loop resistance bands better than tube bands for lifting?”. Both types of resistance bands are effective for building size and strength.

However, they are different and as such each will have their pros and cons. This article will explore this topic in more detail and provide some interesting insights.

Are Loop Resistance Bands Better Than Tube Bands For Lifting?

Loop resistance bands and tube resistance bands each have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are effective for lifting.

However, loop bands offer far greater resistances and are a lot more heavy duty if you go for higher quality loop bands. Therefore, loop bands will allow you to make better progress in terms of strength.

Tube resistance bands are great for filling in weak links and performing isolation exercises. You can use various attachments that come with them and a lot of tube bands come with a door anchor.

Because of their close loop design, loop bands are less likely to slide and slip on exercises, making them safer. Tube bands are more susceptible to safety issues as they are not as heavy duty and can break more easily.

Overall which type of bands are better for you depends on your own needs and use case. If you are already doing lots of compound exercises in the gym and want some bands for isolation work, tube bands are a great option.

If you are training exclusively with bands and not using weights, loop bands are a better option due to the high levels of resistance you can get from combining multiple heavy duty bands.

loop bands

Loop Bands Are Far More Effective For Compound Exercises

Loop bands are more effective for compound movements compared to tube bands. You can simply use far higher resistances with the loop bands.

The bands being closed also makes them effective for squatting variations. You can loop the bands around your anterior delts or posterior delts depending on the muscles you want to target.

If you want to hit your quads more, you can loop the bands around the front of your shoulders. For more hamstrings and glutes you would have them in the opposite position.

Push ups can be done with tube bands as well, but I personally prefer loop bands for push ups. You can loop the bands around your back and just have the palm of your hands in contact with the bands.

Then simply drop to the floor and perform your push ups. This is a great way to build up your upper body strength and grow your pectoral muscles. Just doing this exercise with bands consistently will yield amazing returns.

The big problem with using tube bands for heavier compound movements is that tube bands are more flimsy on the whole. They also don’t accomodate resistances that are as heavy.

Tube Bands Are Good For Smaller Isolation Exercises

Where tube bands are useful are for lower resistance isolation exercises. Because they are open you can attach various different attachments to them.

These can include straps for ankle weights and handles for exercises like pec flyes. This is where tube bands shine, they provide more comfort and options for small isolation moves. 

This is also what I would recommend using tube bands for. I would not advise using tube bands for exercises like squats or deadlift variations.


Safety is a very important issue, especially when it comes to training with resistance bands. You have to be more careful when training with bands as you could deal with issues like bands slipping, breaking and hitting you with force.

Safety is a bigger concern when it comes to tube bands. This is because tube bands are not as heavy duty as loop bands. Their resistances are not as tough as the corresponding resistance with loop bands.

This is an important point to be aware of and consideration that you should make when getting resistance bands. It is for this reason that I use tube bands sparingly and much prefer using loop bands for regular training.

Loop Bands vs Tube Bands Discussion

The Youtuber Discipline Dave also talks about this topic and shares his views when it comes to loop bands vs tube bands.

Overall, his views were interesting but he doesn’t express his points in a succinct manner. He explains that loop bands are good for travelling as they don’t come with any attachments.

This is true, it is very easy to take loop bands with you to a hotel when you are travelling. I also take my loop bands with me every time I go to the gym. They are easy to transport and are not as fiddly as tube bands.

Tube bands get tangled up very easily and can be a headache at times to deal with. He also recognises the safety issue when it comes to tube bands and recommends opting for higher quality tube bands.

Dave says that tube bands for isolation exercises can better replicate cable isolation exercises that you would perform in the gym. This is true – if you want to do a standing chest press it would be far more practical with tube bands.

When it comes to tube bands, you also often get a door anchor that comes with it. This is a bonus and allows for even more exercise selection. You can do face pulls, rear delt work, standing rows and a lot more. 

Overall, though in terms of sheer loading potential and improved safety, loop bands win out.

Final Thoughts

Are loop resistance bands better than tube bands for lifting? The truth is that it depends on what you are using them for.

If you want to focus a lot more on heavy compound exercises, loop bands are better. If you are using bands for smaller isolation work to fill out weak links, tube bands can be more effective.

Tube bands are not as safe on the whole as loop bands. This is due to the fact that they are a lot thinner and more flimsy. If you opt for lower quality tube bands, you will increase the risk of your bands breaking.

Loop bands are also more convenient for travelling and transporting. They are a mainstay in my gym bag for using in the gym due to ease of transport. I use these resistance bands in every one of my gym workouts!

If you would like to share your opinion regarding this topic please leave your comments below. As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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