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In this article I will be exploring adjustable weights dumbbells and in particular looking closely at Iron Fitness Body Technics adjustable dumbbells. Everyone will be familiar with the traditional dumbbells that you find at commercial gyms. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to be able to switch between dumbbells of many different weights without the need to stock large numbers of dumbbells. 

This article will look at the adjustable dumbbells by Iron Fitness and explore whether they are a good buy for a home gym. 

Who Are Body Technics?

Body Technics is a company that specialises in high quality gym and fitness equipment at prices that are lower than their competitors. They are especially known for their adjustable dumbbells and semi-commercial olympics barbells. In the future they intend on expanding their offering to include workout programs.

Their products have been very well received and their reputation has been bolstered significantly during the covid pandemic when demand increased for home gym equipment.

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Body Technics Adjustable Dumbbells

The Body Technics adjustable dumbbells come in pairs when you order them. Each dumbbell can adjust in weight from 2.5kg to 25kg in 2.5kg increments. The dumbbells are manufactured from high quality materials and are built to last a lifetime. 

In order to adjust the dumbbells all you have to do is push down on the release button and turn the dial to pick the weight that you wish to use. It couldn’t be any easier, this is the big advantage of adjustable dumbbells. 

With the Body Technics adjustable dumbbells you get a 12 month manufacturers guarantee. 


Cost Saving Compared To Standard Dumbbells

I will now work out the cost of buying separate 2.5kg dumbbells all the way up to 25kg dumbbells in 2.5kg increments with this adjustable dumbbell. A full set of individual hex dumbbell pairs in this weight range would set you back somewhere in the region of £1000 or more. These adjustable dumbbells are substantially cheaper for this range of weights. 

Benefits Of Body Technics Adjustable Dumbbells

I will now explore the benefits of the adjustable dumbbells by Body Technics. The main benefits are as follows:

  • Very easy to adjust – Can make adjustments in a matter of seconds, whereas with adjustable dumbbells that you have to load manually it takes longer and requires lots of additional weight plates. 
  • Cost saving over fixed dumbbells – Massive cost saving over buying lots of different pairs of fixed weight dumbbells. 
  • High quality and competitively priced – The quality of these dumbbells are high and they are priced very competitively relative to similar products on the market.
  • Increments are small – As the increments in weight are 2.5kg, there is a perfect range of resistances to choose from in the 2.5kg to 25kg weight range. 
  • Space saver – These adjustable dumbbells take up significantly less space in a home gym than having lots of fixed dumbbells. They also eliminate the need for having lots of different sized weight plates, as you would require with dumbbell handles that you load manually.

Drawbacks Of These Adjustable Dumbbells

Now onto the drawbacks, there are very few but I will list some to consider:

  • Maximum weight of 25kg – For people who want to train with heavier dumbbells in their home gym, these only go up to 25kg for each dumbbell. This is still more than quite a few adjustable dumbbells on the market. 
  • Some exercises require you to rotate the dumbbells – This drawback isn’t really too serious. The dumbbells by design are vertically asymmetric which means that for some exercises you will need to rotate the dumbbells in the starting position. For instance, a dumbbell bench press. This is not a big problem though.

Are The Body Technics A Good Investment?

Do I think that these adjustable dumbbells would be a good investment? Personally I believe they would be a very good investment for a home gym. This is especially true if you want to save space and also money. The dumbbells are very high quality and very competitively priced in the market. 

The only downside is that they don’t adjust to heavier than 25kg for each dumbbell. This would mean that you would need to buy heavier dumbbells above 25kg as well if you wish to perform dumbbell movements with heavier weights.

So if you are someone that exclusively performs dumbbell exercises with very heavy weights these dumbbells would not be a good investment. If you perform isolation movements with light dumbbells as well as medium weight dumbbells regularly then they would be a great investment. The Body Technics are fantastic for hypertrophy work as well for higher reps. 

The good thing about these dumbbells is the fact that in the low to medium weight ranges you are saving a massive amount of money utilising these compared to buying many individual fixed dumbbell pairs in the respective weight range. 


To conclude, in this article I have examined adjustable weights dumbbells and in particular looked closely at the Body Technics adjustable dumbbells. Having analysed the company, the benefits and the drawbacks I believe that these dumbbells would be a great investment for a home gym.

This comes with the caveat that you would be performing dumbbell exercises in the lighter to medium weight ranges fairly regularly. Perhaps isolation exercises for smaller muscle groups or high rep hypertrophy work. If you are planning to use only very heavy dumbbells in your home gym on a regular basis, then these adjustable dumbbells would not be a good investment.

I would love to know if you currently are using any adjustable dumbbells for personal use? Let me know what you think about adjustable dumbbells and the type of exercises you would be performing with dumbbells in your home gym. 

I love to interact with readers of my articles and get to know more about you. We all have different training approaches but a common passion for working out and improving ourselves physically and mentally.

As always, stay safe and enjoy your training!

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