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I am Gurds, founder of Serious About Bodybuilding. I have a passion for bodybuilding and weight training in general and started this activity 12 years ago. I have been consistently doing it ever since. I have learnt a lot in this time about different training methods and found a training style that works well for me and my body. I also have a passion for hand grip training and it is this that I want to help bodybuilder’s with first and foremost.


Bodybuilding Massively Improved My Self Esteem And Body Image

As a very scrawny kid I got bullied at school for being skinny. At the age of 17 I first got introduced to weight training by a friend. I decided to join him and we trained together at the school gym frequently every week. Initially I was clueless on lifting weights and at the start I was barely able to even curl a 5kg dumbbell! After a year or two of consistent training and eating a good protein rich diet I was able to add on a lot of size and strength, and the bullying stopped. Ever since I haven’t looked back and have kept this up training at my local gym. Now I am 29 and in very good shape at 100kg, 6’0 tall with lots of muscles. Bodybuilding transformed me not just physically but also mentally. It is also a great activity for longevity in fitness as it isn’t as taxing as hardcore powerlifting. Initially in my journey I started with powerlifting training, but in the last 5-6 years I have switched over to a lot more bodybuilding training for this reason.

The Importance Of Grip Strength

Over the last 12 years of my training, I have noticed a big area that is lacking in the bodybuilding and fitness community and that is a lack of hand grip specific training. Grip strength is something that I have grown to become very passionate about. It is very important in everyday life as well as in bodybuilding and fitness. Many bodybuilder’s neglect this aspect of their training by wearing wrist straps or not focusing specifically on hand strength. The stronger your grip is the more muscle fibres you recruit in pretty much every movement in the gym- from bench presses, rows, deadlifts, pull ups, etc. This greater muscle fibre recruitment ultimately leads to more gains in the gym, more reps on exercises and more muscle growth over the long term.

The Mission Of My Site

My ultimate mission through this site is to educate bodybuilder’s first and foremost on the importance of hand grip strength, how they can improve it and the tools that they can use to achieve a stronger grip. Later down the line I want to share more training techniques from my own experiences to improve the training and results that bodybuilders can get. In addition I will share more tools they can use to add to their training in the pursuit of more gains. Bodybuilding and fitness in general is a marathon not a sprint; there is always more that you can learn and put into effect to keep the flame burning and never lose the passion for it!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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2 thoughts on “About Gurds – Founder”

  1. Hi Gurds!

    I never thought about it before, but it makes total sense that grip is (or should be) an important part of weight lifting training.

     Quite a journey you had, from a skinny bullied kid to a healthy, confident and strong man. Body image is way more important than most of us are willing to acknowledge… Great to see that you share your passion and knowledge on this site.

    1. thanks, yes it can help to give you a lot more confidence when you have built your body. Probably similar to the effect money has on confidence.

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